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Vishal's Satyam.


Staring: Vishal, Nayantara, Premji amaran, Upendra.

Director: RajaSekhar

Music director: Harris Jayaraj

Producer: Vikram Krishna.

It's every hero's dream to act as a police officer on the screen. It gives them different image to their career. This is happening from the previous generation of hero's. For instance take Superstar or Kamal they have done many movies as police officer which was superhit for them.

Now recently Suriya has proven in Kakha Kakha.

Now its time for vishal to prove it out. Seems like Vishal have put lot of effort for the movie like keeping his body fit as a perfect police officer, his looks, hairstyle, the body language etc which he changed and shown the diffenence between the ordinary Vishal and the Vishal inthe movie Satyam.

Satyam is concidered as very big project for Vishal. Lets see how the movie is doing on screen and how is the public review about the movie.


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