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M.N.Nambiar passed away this afternoon.


Veteran actor M.N.Nambiar died of prolonged illness. He acted in more than 1000 films not only Tamil but also in Telugu, Malayalam and one English film also. His full name Manjeri Narayan Nambiar said to one of the oldest actor who worked with seven generation of actors from Balaiyah to Manoj. He started acting at the age of 13 in a drama troupe called Nawab Rajamanikkam his first was Bhaktha Ramdoss he was a villain in that movie.
His starting salary was Rs.3 in which he would keep Rs.1 with him and send Rs.2 to his mother. He was a man with limited needs and was pure vegeterian.
He was an ardent devotee of Sabarimala Sri Ayyappan, went to the shrine for more than 65 years this led to be called as Maha Guruswamy for many actors he was the Guruswamy helped them to visit the shrine with himself.
He is a god fearing person and total opposite person of what he portrayed himself in films.
His favorite movies are Aayirathil Oruvan with M.G.R, Ambikapathi with Sivaji Ganesan, Missiyamma with Gemmini Ganesan, Nenjam Marappathillai directed by Sridhar.

Cant belive because just day before yesterday night my staff and i were talking about him that he's the one who were going to Sabarimala for more than any one could have gone and today he's dead thats really shocking.

May His Soul "Rest In Peace".

Harris Jayaraj and his shocking Letter.

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Few days ago Harris Jayaraj a leading music director made this statement that here after he wont work with the upcoming ace director Gawtham Menon. They both debuted in a same movie Minnalae which was a super hit. The music was so superb that even today the vasigara song is good to hear and even others songs also.

This combination worked in every movie. Then comes the massive hit for both Khaaka Khaaka. The name itself will say everything. From the start till the end the director maintained the pase for the movie. It was so interesting to watch this movie. Theater were running housefull for days screaning this movie. Even today in the list of movies on police story this Khaaka Khaaka will be the first Vettaiyadu Villaiyadu will be the next.

Vettaiyadu Villaiyadu again superb direction. Doing the third movie with Universal hero Kamal Hassan is really big achivement. Mostly in film industry when you enter as a director it takes alot of time to direct a film with big heroes like Kamal and so on because people will expect something big out of them so the heroes will not take a chance to act on a new comer's film. Kamal belived in Gautham and so did he. Again the film was a massive hit. Music was superb.
Then comes the Pachaikili Muthucharam with the supereme star. Though this movie is a remake of a english movie this was really good and was a great hit in the city. It was like the magic of these two people Harris and Gautham combination, no matter what the movie is we will make it hit with our directions.

This was not the end fans had to wait for long time as the mammoth came out on this november 14th. Vaaranam Aayiram wow what a music. I guess this movie will win the best music award for year 2008. I love this movie alot. The songs are too good with all style and great singer like Sudha Ragunathan and others singing in it.

But now this magic combination hav broken dont know why? Dont know whose decision was this but this really effect the fans. One should think when you are working in media people will watch each and every single move after giving so good films together and suddenly breaking everyone's heart is a bad thing. Everyone have personal problems but that should't affect others who still belive that these people can do wonder though your new patner will score better than the other but still old cannot be replaced.

I did't belive the proverb that "History repeats itself" but now i belive after looking at a another article that later in nineties same thing happened with the two mastro's. It's none other than The music Mastro Ilaiyaraaja and the Ace director Mani Ratnam. Even their combination was too good right from the pallavi anu pallavi (kannada) in the year 1983 to Thalapathi 1991 these both mastro rocked the film industry. They both have such golden hits like Mouna Ragam my all time favorite movie. the songs are still ever green i guess many would Mandram vandaa thendral, Nilave vaa, Panivizhum iravu etc. Then there was the Kollywood Godfather Nayagan fourth film for Mani Ratnam where Kamal was the hero. Then there was Agni Natchatriram a super hit. This was the my first movie in theater i was just two years baby lol. Then came the Anjali and Thalapathi that was the last movie both did together.

Roja the next movie for Mani Ratnam where A.R.R did his debut in Tamil movies and won national award. Now these two people's combination rocks till date Ravana. But then to the old combination was really good with lots of golden melodies and stuff.

The strange thing is A.R.R was the second music director whom Mani Ratnam choosed after Ilayaraaja and even Gautham Menon choosed A.R.R as second music director after Harris Jayaraj. A.R.R is luck to get signed from ace director like them.
Comment your thoughts what you feel about these people.

Will He Enter or Not? L.K.Advani meets Rajini.


As we all know that superstar Rajini says that entering politics is not in his hands if GOD wants to do so then he will. But is the time have now for him to enter politics? who knows.

Yesterday near guindy(chennai) there was a huge police protection, i thought it for the chief minister as they always do so, but i was wrong it was BJP leader L.K. Advani who came to chennai to release his Tamil version of his autobiography which is titled as "என் தேசம் என் வாழ்க்கை"(My Country My Life). The Tamil translation of the book was done by political analist Cho. Ramasamy. The actor and the leader then spoke about the present politics situation at the actors residence.
Will the actor enter politics? "எல்லாம் அவன் செயல்".

A Fan of Vaaranam Aayiram.

Yesterday i was in a local shop making photo copies of some document which took long time there i met this strange man who was doing some change in his friends resume. At that time he got a call he talking about issuing tickets for Vaaranam Aayiram movie. He said to his friend that he wants to watch movie on first day first show or the preview show in Satyam cine complex on thursday 13th a day before the film release.
Dont know why was he so mad about this movie. Later the shop owner asked why are you so mad about these movie, The guy said Surya has tried a different role in this movie like Kamal always does, Surya being so young trying such things so wonderful. He said that he only likes movie which is purely based on acting not action or songs but in this movie both acting and songs are too good.
I noticed that he was using V.A ringtones n screensaver. I know that normally fans will be so crazy about what they like whether it's a actor or actress or a perticular movie of certain famous person but crazy for someone hardwork is outstanding. I asked whether are you Surya's fan he said No.
I like a hero only for his acting and hardwork. It's just a film i go to theater enjoy the whole movie and come out and just follow it if any good message is given out. I dont like movie which show that hero is a man who can do extraordinary stuff like fighting a group of roudies or jumping from tall building and land safe without any hurt. Logic is one thing a director should have in mind. A film without a logic will be like a film having a hero who has a super natural powers but he's still a ordinary man.
This man was so clear in his views felt really good to see a person like this. Finally he arranged tickets for preview show not only for him also for the local shop owner in Satyam cine complex.
I thought even i should ask him if he can arrange for extra ticket for me but i did't ask was really amazed to see this person.

First Time for Shriya But Not Time for Kamal Hassan to share Onscreen Kiss


We all know Kamal Hassan's next venture is Marmayogi which is a period film of 7th century, which is directed and written by Kamal himself. This is the second time Kamal Hassan is using the same tittle from M.G.R's old movies
1. Sathi Leelavathi(1936)

Cast: Kamal Hassan, Trisha Krishnan, Shriya Saran, Hema Malini, Shobana, Venkatesh etc.

This is a debut Tamil movie for Hema Malini. She was rejected by director Sridhar in the year 1964. Four years later she proved it wrong when she acted in Sapno Ka Saudagar opp to Raj Kapoor in the year 1968.

Trisha plays the lead role in Marmayogi and Shriya as wife of Kamal Hassan. Shriya shares onscreen Kiss for the first time with Kamal while its not first for Kamal. Shriya first did't agree for the scene but later she did it.

From 6 to 54 and still more to come for Dr.Kamal Hassan


Dr.Kamal Hassan was born on November 7th 1954 in Paramakudi.
At the age of 6 years he entered film industry, his first debut film bagged his National Film Award for child artist. The film was Kalathur Kannamma where got a chance to act along with veteran Tamil actor Gemini Ganesan.
Later he got chance to act with Sivaji Ganesan and also with M.G.Ramachandran as child artist. The journey of acting in films was in his family blood. His brothers did it, he did, his wife, and now his daughter Shruti Hassan.
There are many films which bagged him National Award for Acting. He is termed as international star for his remarkable acting. He is not only an actor he is a very good playback singer, producer, and also a good director. The all rounder in film industries.
We all wish him a very Happy Birthday. May this year gives him loads of luck so that he can give as loads of super hit films.
Good Luck Dr.Kamal Hassan.

Endhiran Third schedule starts again.


A long break for Endhiran crew after finishing the second schedule. May be because of the festive season the third schedule took time to commence or may because Aishwarya Bachchan busy with the Mani rathnam's Ravana.
The third schedule going to start at November 14th. Seems like this will go for quite a long time as time is running away. This time Endhiran crew will be in kulu and manali.
Hope Shankar finishes the Endhiran very fast because cant wait to see Superstar pair with Aishwarya Bachchan.