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A Very Happy New Year 2009.


It's my first post for this year 2009, Hope it brings great luck and happiness to everyone. I wish all my blog readers, Followers, Friends and Family a very Happy and prosperous New Year 2009.

If 6 Packs are for heroes then whats there for heroine


If 6 packs are for heroes then what will the heroine's will do. Actually even heroine's have started this rat race one does it and others just follow it saying that to give the real feel to the character.
Kareena Kapoor who started with size zero which made big news over a period of time, then others just followed her just to maintain their figure.

Its Rani Mukerji who have just joined this rat race of reducing weight, for her next movie Thoda Pyar Thoda Magic. Though she tried to reduce her weight it was tough for her, had to follow strict died and regular workout but nothing worked out.

Then guess what Amir Khan helped Rani as he recommended his trainer Satyajit Chaurasia who helped him to gain 8 packs abs. After Satyajit helped Rani now she seems to have lost oodles of weight, Rani just spends a hour with Satyajit to reduce her weight.

But now she looks great when Rani made a cameo appearence in Shah Rukh Khan's Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi. I guess the 2009 is going to be lucky for her.

Silambarasan's Silambattam.


Silambattam is superb movie to end this year. Which has superb songs like "where is the party tonight" i guess it will be the most played number on 31st eve saying here's the party tonight.

Silambattam a movie which Simbu would do it because its just normal story which will attract mass which will retain him on the top the box office for a while.

Its his first movie with debut directorial venture of the popular cameraman Saravanan. As i said the story is just a normal one which is been done by many of the director, then whats different in this movie. It just the way how Saravanan have done it with Silambarasan.

Simbu have developed his body for this movie. I think he just maintained his fit body does't seems like developed some abbs or something. Even Simbu have followed this pattern like other actor do that double action movie will
click for them. Actually it did for Simbu also, In this movie Simbu does a duel role one as a cool dude another as priest from Kumbakonam. The cool dude Simbu is paired with Sneha and the priest is paired with Sana Khan.

The film is total commercial based so dont expect anything just go to the theater without any exceptation then you will enjoy the movie. Music have come out very good so will be good enough to watch Simbu's dance in each and every song.

Get Well Soon Saif.

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Saif Ali Khan was rushed to Lilavati Hospital for food poisoning. He will be discharged after couple of days. Kareena said that Saif ate something which caused stomach infection and now he is completely alright.
Sharmile Tagore Saif's mother said that Saif ate bhel puri which made him suffer from food poisoning.

This is the third time that Saif is hospitalised in couple of years.

1. In Kuala Lumpur in march 2006 when he had to undergo an emergency appendectomy.

2.Was when he suspected heart attack, when he was rehearsing for an award ceremony

3. This was his third time in hospital.

This affected his vacation plans. He and kareena
were supposed to leave for week long vacation
which got postponed.

Bollywood superhit movie Wednesday to be remaked in Tamil.

Bollywood superhit movie Wednesday staring Naseruddin Shah, Anupam Kher and others. This movie is slightly different from the usual masala movie. Its a movie based on the event in the life of police Commissioner.

Our Universal hero Dr. Kamal Hassan liked this movie very much which made him to purchase the remake rights of the movie. The Tamil version of wednesday will start soon. I am waiting for this movie because when i watched this first time i was so happy to watch a nice movie after very long time and to see some of favourite actors like Naseruddin Shah and Anupam Kher in such strong role which really perfect for them.
I wonder what will be the name of the movie in Tamil and what role Kamal is going to do it. I think he will choose Naseruddin Shah's role which does't even have a name.

Merry Christmas to all my Friends, Family anf Fellow Readers.


I wish Merry Christmas to all My Friends who have given me happiness in my life, To my Family members who supported me in all aspects. Last but not least to all My Blog readers and My Followers who made my blog a superb and sucessful one.

Thank You,

6 Packs Abs Fashion .

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Showing 6 Packs abs have become a fashion in film industries. Working for long hours per day for nearly a year and then some how getiing a 6 packs abs just a movie and also fans is like a normal thing in film industry.

All this 6 packs fashion was started by Salman in bollywood in a song called "Oh Oh Jane Jana" a super hit song of that period where Salman removes his shirt and plays a electric guitar. That was really cool at that period because he was the first person i guess to do that. Then kept doing it almost in every movie. But this wasn't the end many of other heroes followed it as if a rat race.

This fashion also have to Kollywood where fashion 6 packs continues. This 6 packs suits for some and some look really different.

Starts with Dhanush who worked out for 6 packs to bring up the feel to the movie.

Then Vishal who came up with 6 Packs for Satyam.

Then comes Surya for Vaaranam Aayiram. Which really suit him, Makes him to look really different from the bubbly look.

Then comes Simbu for Silambattam. Don't know about the 6 packs but appears in the movie without shirt.

Nest is the prithviraj for his next film with Mani Ratnam. He seems to develop his body so if the script needs him to show his body then he's ready for it.

Villu audio released.


Villu one of the most expected movie as its the second movie of prabu deva after the massive super hit pokkiri. This movie is perfect for Vijay its totally comedy based action cum romance movie.
Additional thing is Nayantara is there in this movie one of present top heroine of our Tamil film industry. Guess what Prakash Raj as a villain and there this Vadivelu who can make us laugh to the core and last but not least we have Kushboo that to for a item number ahem, then Nepolean and others.

Villu is prodused by K.Karunamoorthy and C.Arunpandian, The music is scored by Devi Sree Prasad who have 8 different track in this movie each one is of its own identity. Most of the songs are of different style some like a spanish version but most of them are for good dance score that will be added advantage for Vijay to treat his fans.

Hey Rama Rama.
Vocals: Amalraj, Kovai Sarala.

Hey Rama Rama is a title song typical opening song for Vijay i guess, This has superb lyrics which written by Kabilan, i think Kabilan have concidered Vijay in his mind while writing each and everyline of this song. DSP(Devi Sree Prasad) have used some nice rhythm and acoustic instrument like violin. The most interesting thing in this song is background vocal by Kovai Sarala. Thats sounds strange and very interesting.

Nee Kobapattaal.
Vocal: Sagar.

Nee Kobapattaal a superb song with very easy clear lyrics is written by P.Vijay, DSP have done some experiment in this i guess used many instrument like Mandolin and some cute sax note also a bit of guitar and sitar. Nice rhythm which flows from the start of the song to the end most fell this song like some rhyme or something.

Daddy Mummy.
Vocals: Mamtha, Naveen.

Daddy Mummy The young actress Mamtha Mohandas have done vocal for this, only some place you feel nasal voice. The lyrics is written by Viveka, the lyrics is some what unpleasant words and the songs seems to be a sexy song. Clarinet is being used in it with some foot tapping style.

Are You Crazy.
Vocal: Divya.

Are You Crazy is a short number by Divya which like a mocking number the most amazing thing is this song is written by three persons Akila, Ravi and third person none other than the director himself Prabu Deva seems like Prabu Deva have done much things other than direction in this movie.

Jalsa Jalsa.
Vocals: Baba Segal, Rita.

Jalsa Jalsa is track which i like the most because of Baba Segals vocal the first song i heard of Baba Segal was Aja Meri Gaadi Me Bait Ja this was released in the year early nineties, a very nice Hindi rapster and now in Tamil also thanks to DSP. I guess in this song Vijay will amaze his fans, nice lyrics by Rohini. It has come so superb with the combination of Baba who sung it in such a way it will suit Vijay. The most interesting about Baba is, he uses some of english word in between the lyrics even in this song you would hear "Rock the floor ilaya thalapathy" at the start it has some spanish style which is mixed to the native style later. More number of instrument are used in this song like guitar, drums, pads, keybord and many others.

Vaada Mapilley.
Vocals: Tipu, Vadivelu, Rita.

Vaada Mapilley wow nice track it will seem like a govan beach song. Again Kabilan wrote the lyrics for this song, the words are't that special but the way it is composed by DSP is really superb talent. Guitar is mostly used as the lead instrument for this song, what highlights is Vadivelu's vocal saying bale bale even Nagaswaram and thavil is also used to give some native effect, Tipu have taken a very high pitch which very good and also rita with her sexy voice.

Vocals: DSP, Divya

Dheemthanakka a typical vijay score focuses entirely on rhythm Devi Sree Prasad he himself have done the vocal for this song to tune up the emotion for listeners lyrics is written by Snehan which is said to be of little poetic stuff which is really good. I guess this also a another couple dance number. Awsome beats where drums and pads come into action, to give more life to this number DSP has used flute, sax also guitar. Divya equally as good as DSP in this song.

Jalsa Jalsa.
Vocals: Baba Segal, DSP, Rita.

Jalsa Jalsa this is a remixed version of the above Jalsa Jalsa, when Baba is in the song expect a remixed version. This number is said to the DSP version as he himself come down to the vocal with Baba and Rita. More of instruments with awesome beats and Tabla being used in between is really good.

The whole album is very nice, overall it totally composed for Vijay, Hope he rocks the screan as the audio. Waiting to watch it big screen.

Surya and Karthi at the counselling clinic inauguration

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Surya and Karthi with their whole family was spotted at the inaugural function of Dr.Vasanthi Babu's counselling clinic Home Sweet Home.

Wow its superb to see all the family members together for good cause. I guess everyone likes all the members of this family right from the family head Sivakumar to the heartthrob Surya and adorable Karthi but the dream girl Jothika cant be seen in this pic.

Dr.Vasanthi Babu is very popular person who really supported all the victims of Tsunami and victims of fire accident at Kumbakonam.

Sexiest Asian woman Katrina Kaif


Bollywood actress Katrina Kaif is adjudged as Sexiest Asian woman for year 2008.
Last year winner Bipasha Basu was pushed down to second place this year.

In the annual round conducted by Eastern Eye a leading British Asian Newspaper emerged Katrina Kaif as the no 1 from a shortlist of 10.

This has resulted in number of lucrative offers for her.

She was ahead of Bipasha Basu last year winner also ahead of Priyanka Chopra and Kareena Kapoor came third in the list.

Aishwarya Rai was at the seventh place in the list.

Katrina Kaif also made it to the cover page of Vogue.

Sexiest Asian in the world John Abraham.


Bollywood Actor John Abraham is Sexiest Asian in the
world for the year 2008.

In the annual round conducted by Eastern Eye, one of the leading British Asian weekly, where John Abraham emerged the top in a shortlisted of 10 most sexiest Asian in the world.

It was Dostana in which John came up with a sensational look and with the greatest physique ever seen on the big screen.

Last year John made to the third place where Hrithik was in second place.

the shortlisted 10 sexiest Asian for this year 2008 are

  1. John Abraham
  2. Hrithik Roshan
  3. Shah Rukh Khan
  4. Ali Zafar
  5. Upen Patel
  6. Ranbir Kapoor
  7. Saif Ali Khan
  8. Imran Khan
  9. Jay Sean
  10. boxer Amir Khan.

Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi.


Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi a romantic movie with small twist.
A nice movie to watch enjoy the holidays, nice songs. But the story isn't any new. Can watch for King khan and for his dance.

Surrinder Sahni (Shahrukh Khan) who working as very responsible government employee who lights up people's life through his job at Punjab Power. Surrinder is a man of his own style, double-pleated grey-blue pant with trimmed mustache.
Taani (Anushka Sharma) daughter of Surrinder's professor, A girl who is flamboyant, dreamer and wears colourful phulkari dupattas who leaves her hair open for breeze to play with. She gets married to a guy she loves and thats where Surrinder look at her for the first time in a yellow dress dancing on her own wedding, Surrinder falls in love with her. A tragic accident and Taani's husband dies, guess what Surrinder marries Taani.
Taani feels it difficult with Surrinder living a routine life due to the big difference in their age. But surrinder try keep her happy like taking her to movie where she would enjoy like before but of no use. Taani is very caring and becomes a very good homemaker. This makes Surrinder very happy.
One day Taani comes across of this dance competition, a reality show called "Dancing Jodi" Surinder some how gets the admission for this competition. Surrinder then goes to his childhood friend Bobby Khosla's (Vinay Pathak) beauty salon who turns him into a guy that Taani can fall in love with. He goes to her dance class guess what she wont even recognizes him instead he metamorphoses into an alternate persona, named Raj and becomes taani's dance partner.
Taani starts liking this guy in tight T-shirt who is smart, outspoken and flirts with her.
Taani doesn't recognize that Raj is the same guy whom she's married to, Taani enjoys bike fights, Pani puri (golgappa) competition, Surrinder pushes her to know who she loves and allows her to make a choice between them. A exciting love she sees in Raj or simple routine, simple and boring life with Surrinder in yellow car and yellow bed sheet.
Raj expresses his love to Taani and they both plan to elope from Amritsar on the night of the dancing competition. Even then Surrinder never says the truth because he wants to find whom she really loves. On the morning of the competition Taani realizes that her true love and denies Raj's feelings.
Then finally Surrinder shows his original face she feels very happy. For rest movie whether they win the dance price or not watch it out.

Kareena's Interview.

Recently i just went through Kareena's interview
through a leading news paper, what amazed me was the way she responded for each and everything that was been asked to her.

The one thing that really took me away was when she replied for why she declined her Hollywood offer, this was her reply "People have been talking about Hollywood for years out here, What has come of it? Are we not good enough, that we have to aspire for Hollywood. Come on, I have everything going great for me here. What's Hollywood going to offer me that i don't have? When i'm the queen of Bollywood, why would i want to start from scratch and struggle elsewhere?"

Wow well said, first i thought that she really wasted away her opportunity, but now i don't think so, i guess she did right, Whats there in Hollywood that we don't have, now most of the Hollywood movie production company like the Warner bros, The Walt Disney company have come down to India for producing some movie so i guess we are being recognized in the international market. The day will come when Hollywood people will acting in Bollywood films i gues some of them are already doing it, but still big stars will come down and join them. Hope that day comes soon.

TN 07 AL 4777 Remake from a Bollywood film.

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TN 07 AL 4777 is a remake movie of Bollywood's
Taxi Number 9211. A film in which John Abraham and Nana Patekar have done the lead. The title Taxi Number 9211 was good but what is this TN 07 AL 4777 a car number, then i found that its not just ordinary car number, its our former Tamil Nadu's chief minister's car number plate which now being used as title of movie. Now i think nothing else could have matched so perfect in Tamil.

Taxi 9211 is a nice movie may be because of its perfect star cast, Nana Patekar as the taxi driver which suited him very well with Hindi slang he used
was matching to the character he did. Jhon Abraham
was a rich guy who fights for the ownership rights of his late father's estate. Even john did very well in this movie.

In Tamil Pasupathi is going to do Nana's role. I guess Nana role will suit for Pasupathi but don't know about the slang that Nana used because i haven't seen Pasupathi using this slang in any of the movie. But with the appearance is the perfect for Nana Patekar. Ajmal Ameer Malayalam actor will be doing john's role. Meenakshi will be paired for Ajmal in this movie, and guess what Simran will acting as Pasupathi's wife in this movie. Vijay Anthony composes the audio for the movie, hope he gives a massive hit like Dailamo and Nakka Mukka. Movie is expected to be a superhit of 2009 and some changes have been done from the original script to suit Tamil audience

Sorry Bhai!

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Sorry Bhai! A superb movie to watch when you feel bugged with busy life. A small star cast with some of the famous actors like Shabana Azmi who plays as mother of two kids Sanjay Suri, Sharman Joshi and Boman Irani being father.

The movie starts like this In the opening Sharman Joshi comes out of his house wearing a suit and so does Boman Irani and Sanjay Suri, and two kids all are going to Sharman's wedding, the director Onir have taken the film to next level superb direction. After this opening scene flashback that to 11 years behind, The whole story starts there.

Sanjay stays in Mouritious with his girlfriend and they plan to get married. While Sharman stays in India with his parents, One day Sanjay calls Sharman and say that he and his girl are getting married so get our parents here for the wedding. Sharman feel hard to convince his mother but later they all land in mouritious.

The movie is total romantic comedy where Boman timing jokes are superb. I liked it very much got a chance of watching this movie yesterday night show in a local theater. Had nice experience.

Later the whole story gets a small twist, but thats nice. Can watch this movie once and forget it does't have much but you will enjoy it watching it. Nice locations and some romantic songs which suits the locations

Overall rating for this movie i would give 6/10

Superstar Turns to 58 today 12th December.


Superstar turns 58 today, Though he's getting old, but he's still young in our heart. Superstar started debuted as an actor in 1975 in under K. Balachander's direction. From 1975 he's the one and only superstar of Tamil film industries and now he's highly paid actor after Jackie Chan, 26 crores($6.25 Million USD) for his last movie Sivaji.

Shivaji Rao Gaekwad was his original name before he met K.Balachander, It was Balachander who named him as Rajinikanth and now he's superstar.

Waiting for his next movie Endhiran, which is again going to a massive hit.
Wish him Many more Happy returns of the day.

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Nana Patekar now in Tamil cinema.


One of the most natural actor of Bollywood means i would point to this guy Nana Patekar. I like his acting very much have watched his movie "Ab Tak Chhappan" more than five times in that movie Tamil actress Revathi was his wife, the funny thing was in some scene he spoke in Tamil with Revathi because she plays a southindian woman in the movie, Nana's Tamil was totally was mixed with Marathi accent that was sounding little funny because i hav't heard Tamil words pronounced with Marathi accent.

Now Nana Patekar have come to down to Tamil industry its all because of the ace director Bharathiraja's Bommalattam where he's playing a lead role with Arjun. This movie will be released on 12th December after a long wait. I am not sure whether Nana have used his own voice for the movie or might be dubbed by someone else. Nana's beauty is his voice. This movie will be released in Telugu and even in Hindi.

Bharathiraja was very happy with Nana's perfomance in the movie the way he showed interest and did the exact way what the director wanted was really superb. Director even said that the one actor who impressed him with his commitment and dedication was Kamal Hassan. Bharathiraja was so impressed with Nana's perfomance in every single shot which made him to say that Nana is another Kamal Hassan.

Wow. Now this what a real credit is, to get praised from real ace director like Bharathiraja. I really dont know how Bharathiraja finds talent in everyone because from my point of view he has introdused most number of new face actors who have become big stars today thanks to Bharathiraja.

Top Ten Movies of this Week.

I came across this strange thing when i saw the top ten movies of the week show in a leading Tamil channel, i waited for long time to see what was the first movie i was totally shocked, i expected Vaaranam Aayiram to be the first movie it wasn't the first movie and not even Aegan made it to the mark. It was Thenavattu on the first place and Kadhalil Vilunthen on the second place.

I could't understand what was goin on, i found Vaaranam Aayiram on the new entry list but was still shocked to even see Aegan on the list, Aegan was released long back but still it was on the new entry list. Then i understood that the movie which was on the first and second place was produced by the same channel, may be thats why they decided to keep both the movies in the leading position on the top ten list.

This does't happens with one, all the channels who have started producing movies now have started screening their movie as the first in the top ten movie list. This isn't fair being a leading Tamil channel more number of people will watch it and when they come across this show which just fool people of showing their own movie as the number one movie of the week, people will think the movie is very good and will watch it. Doing like this the producer of the movie will make profit but people who watch it get fooled of watching a ordinary movie with the same old story and sentiment and other stuff.

People should wait for sometime when a movie is being released so that one can find out whether the movie is good or not by reading the reviews of the movie and other stuff.

What is the reason behind hit movies.

What do you think the reason behind hit movies, is it the strong script or it's the hero who makes the movie to be a superhit.

Some might say its the script, because the script is what that makes the hero to act according to story. People who say this will watch movies on based upon the story or the script.

Some might say its the hero who's the reason behind the hit movies. People who say this will watch movies only for the particular hero.

I would rather say its both, the script which suits the hero properly and the hero who work hard to make the script to come as a realistic thing.

But at times when any of these doesn't suit each other, then the film won't make to the hit list. Even if the Superstar does the movie and if the script doesn't suit him the film wont be up to the mark Eg, Kuselan.

But what if the script is so strong that if any new comer does it, it will a superhit movie Eg: Subramaniapuram, Paruthiveeran. Infact Paruthiveeran bagged many awards like National film award for best actress, Filmfare best tamil actress award, Tamilnadu state film award for best actress for Priyamani and Filmfare best Tamil actor award, Filmfare best Tamil male debut award, Tamilnadu state film special actor award for Karthik and was also nominated for National Film award for best actor. Everyone know these two film did't have much of big star cast but was concidered as big hit film, Even music was also equally hit as the movie was concidered. The main reason behind these is the strong script thats because most of the new comer dont try to change the script or it can be said like this, When a director tries to give a movie which has a strong script they all prefer mostly new comers, because new comers will stick to the script and wont change it for any reason. Which may be the reason of getting so much popular awards.

what happens later when these heros get loads of awards, They are no more a new comer they will be concidered as heroes who will turn any movie to a superhit movie. I guess one should't create hype for any movie. Should take it as a good movie thats it.

Many leading heroes change the script due silly reasons, some asking for ghana song, some ask for kuthu song, some for folk, some ask for opening song and fight sequence and goes on. If these heroes decide the script then why you need a director or a story you can just say what you want and shoot it as a movie and release it out putting your name saying, Story, Direction, Script, Screenplay etc by this person.

Comment your your view and say how many agree on this.

M.N.Nambiar passed away this afternoon.


Veteran actor M.N.Nambiar died of prolonged illness. He acted in more than 1000 films not only Tamil but also in Telugu, Malayalam and one English film also. His full name Manjeri Narayan Nambiar said to one of the oldest actor who worked with seven generation of actors from Balaiyah to Manoj. He started acting at the age of 13 in a drama troupe called Nawab Rajamanikkam his first was Bhaktha Ramdoss he was a villain in that movie.
His starting salary was Rs.3 in which he would keep Rs.1 with him and send Rs.2 to his mother. He was a man with limited needs and was pure vegeterian.
He was an ardent devotee of Sabarimala Sri Ayyappan, went to the shrine for more than 65 years this led to be called as Maha Guruswamy for many actors he was the Guruswamy helped them to visit the shrine with himself.
He is a god fearing person and total opposite person of what he portrayed himself in films.
His favorite movies are Aayirathil Oruvan with M.G.R, Ambikapathi with Sivaji Ganesan, Missiyamma with Gemmini Ganesan, Nenjam Marappathillai directed by Sridhar.

Cant belive because just day before yesterday night my staff and i were talking about him that he's the one who were going to Sabarimala for more than any one could have gone and today he's dead thats really shocking.

May His Soul "Rest In Peace".

Harris Jayaraj and his shocking Letter.

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Few days ago Harris Jayaraj a leading music director made this statement that here after he wont work with the upcoming ace director Gawtham Menon. They both debuted in a same movie Minnalae which was a super hit. The music was so superb that even today the vasigara song is good to hear and even others songs also.

This combination worked in every movie. Then comes the massive hit for both Khaaka Khaaka. The name itself will say everything. From the start till the end the director maintained the pase for the movie. It was so interesting to watch this movie. Theater were running housefull for days screaning this movie. Even today in the list of movies on police story this Khaaka Khaaka will be the first Vettaiyadu Villaiyadu will be the next.

Vettaiyadu Villaiyadu again superb direction. Doing the third movie with Universal hero Kamal Hassan is really big achivement. Mostly in film industry when you enter as a director it takes alot of time to direct a film with big heroes like Kamal and so on because people will expect something big out of them so the heroes will not take a chance to act on a new comer's film. Kamal belived in Gautham and so did he. Again the film was a massive hit. Music was superb.
Then comes the Pachaikili Muthucharam with the supereme star. Though this movie is a remake of a english movie this was really good and was a great hit in the city. It was like the magic of these two people Harris and Gautham combination, no matter what the movie is we will make it hit with our directions.

This was not the end fans had to wait for long time as the mammoth came out on this november 14th. Vaaranam Aayiram wow what a music. I guess this movie will win the best music award for year 2008. I love this movie alot. The songs are too good with all style and great singer like Sudha Ragunathan and others singing in it.

But now this magic combination hav broken dont know why? Dont know whose decision was this but this really effect the fans. One should think when you are working in media people will watch each and every single move after giving so good films together and suddenly breaking everyone's heart is a bad thing. Everyone have personal problems but that should't affect others who still belive that these people can do wonder though your new patner will score better than the other but still old cannot be replaced.

I did't belive the proverb that "History repeats itself" but now i belive after looking at a another article that later in nineties same thing happened with the two mastro's. It's none other than The music Mastro Ilaiyaraaja and the Ace director Mani Ratnam. Even their combination was too good right from the pallavi anu pallavi (kannada) in the year 1983 to Thalapathi 1991 these both mastro rocked the film industry. They both have such golden hits like Mouna Ragam my all time favorite movie. the songs are still ever green i guess many would Mandram vandaa thendral, Nilave vaa, Panivizhum iravu etc. Then there was the Kollywood Godfather Nayagan fourth film for Mani Ratnam where Kamal was the hero. Then there was Agni Natchatriram a super hit. This was the my first movie in theater i was just two years baby lol. Then came the Anjali and Thalapathi that was the last movie both did together.

Roja the next movie for Mani Ratnam where A.R.R did his debut in Tamil movies and won national award. Now these two people's combination rocks till date Ravana. But then to the old combination was really good with lots of golden melodies and stuff.

The strange thing is A.R.R was the second music director whom Mani Ratnam choosed after Ilayaraaja and even Gautham Menon choosed A.R.R as second music director after Harris Jayaraj. A.R.R is luck to get signed from ace director like them.
Comment your thoughts what you feel about these people.