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Nana Patekar now in Tamil cinema.


One of the most natural actor of Bollywood means i would point to this guy Nana Patekar. I like his acting very much have watched his movie "Ab Tak Chhappan" more than five times in that movie Tamil actress Revathi was his wife, the funny thing was in some scene he spoke in Tamil with Revathi because she plays a southindian woman in the movie, Nana's Tamil was totally was mixed with Marathi accent that was sounding little funny because i hav't heard Tamil words pronounced with Marathi accent.

Now Nana Patekar have come to down to Tamil industry its all because of the ace director Bharathiraja's Bommalattam where he's playing a lead role with Arjun. This movie will be released on 12th December after a long wait. I am not sure whether Nana have used his own voice for the movie or might be dubbed by someone else. Nana's beauty is his voice. This movie will be released in Telugu and even in Hindi.

Bharathiraja was very happy with Nana's perfomance in the movie the way he showed interest and did the exact way what the director wanted was really superb. Director even said that the one actor who impressed him with his commitment and dedication was Kamal Hassan. Bharathiraja was so impressed with Nana's perfomance in every single shot which made him to say that Nana is another Kamal Hassan.

Wow. Now this what a real credit is, to get praised from real ace director like Bharathiraja. I really dont know how Bharathiraja finds talent in everyone because from my point of view he has introdused most number of new face actors who have become big stars today thanks to Bharathiraja.


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