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What is the reason behind hit movies.

What do you think the reason behind hit movies, is it the strong script or it's the hero who makes the movie to be a superhit.

Some might say its the script, because the script is what that makes the hero to act according to story. People who say this will watch movies on based upon the story or the script.

Some might say its the hero who's the reason behind the hit movies. People who say this will watch movies only for the particular hero.

I would rather say its both, the script which suits the hero properly and the hero who work hard to make the script to come as a realistic thing.

But at times when any of these doesn't suit each other, then the film won't make to the hit list. Even if the Superstar does the movie and if the script doesn't suit him the film wont be up to the mark Eg, Kuselan.

But what if the script is so strong that if any new comer does it, it will a superhit movie Eg: Subramaniapuram, Paruthiveeran. Infact Paruthiveeran bagged many awards like National film award for best actress, Filmfare best tamil actress award, Tamilnadu state film award for best actress for Priyamani and Filmfare best Tamil actor award, Filmfare best Tamil male debut award, Tamilnadu state film special actor award for Karthik and was also nominated for National Film award for best actor. Everyone know these two film did't have much of big star cast but was concidered as big hit film, Even music was also equally hit as the movie was concidered. The main reason behind these is the strong script thats because most of the new comer dont try to change the script or it can be said like this, When a director tries to give a movie which has a strong script they all prefer mostly new comers, because new comers will stick to the script and wont change it for any reason. Which may be the reason of getting so much popular awards.

what happens later when these heros get loads of awards, They are no more a new comer they will be concidered as heroes who will turn any movie to a superhit movie. I guess one should't create hype for any movie. Should take it as a good movie thats it.

Many leading heroes change the script due silly reasons, some asking for ghana song, some ask for kuthu song, some for folk, some ask for opening song and fight sequence and goes on. If these heroes decide the script then why you need a director or a story you can just say what you want and shoot it as a movie and release it out putting your name saying, Story, Direction, Script, Screenplay etc by this person.

Comment your your view and say how many agree on this.


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