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Villu audio released.


Villu one of the most expected movie as its the second movie of prabu deva after the massive super hit pokkiri. This movie is perfect for Vijay its totally comedy based action cum romance movie.
Additional thing is Nayantara is there in this movie one of present top heroine of our Tamil film industry. Guess what Prakash Raj as a villain and there this Vadivelu who can make us laugh to the core and last but not least we have Kushboo that to for a item number ahem, then Nepolean and others.

Villu is prodused by K.Karunamoorthy and C.Arunpandian, The music is scored by Devi Sree Prasad who have 8 different track in this movie each one is of its own identity. Most of the songs are of different style some like a spanish version but most of them are for good dance score that will be added advantage for Vijay to treat his fans.

Hey Rama Rama.
Vocals: Amalraj, Kovai Sarala.

Hey Rama Rama is a title song typical opening song for Vijay i guess, This has superb lyrics which written by Kabilan, i think Kabilan have concidered Vijay in his mind while writing each and everyline of this song. DSP(Devi Sree Prasad) have used some nice rhythm and acoustic instrument like violin. The most interesting thing in this song is background vocal by Kovai Sarala. Thats sounds strange and very interesting.

Nee Kobapattaal.
Vocal: Sagar.

Nee Kobapattaal a superb song with very easy clear lyrics is written by P.Vijay, DSP have done some experiment in this i guess used many instrument like Mandolin and some cute sax note also a bit of guitar and sitar. Nice rhythm which flows from the start of the song to the end most fell this song like some rhyme or something.

Daddy Mummy.
Vocals: Mamtha, Naveen.

Daddy Mummy The young actress Mamtha Mohandas have done vocal for this, only some place you feel nasal voice. The lyrics is written by Viveka, the lyrics is some what unpleasant words and the songs seems to be a sexy song. Clarinet is being used in it with some foot tapping style.

Are You Crazy.
Vocal: Divya.

Are You Crazy is a short number by Divya which like a mocking number the most amazing thing is this song is written by three persons Akila, Ravi and third person none other than the director himself Prabu Deva seems like Prabu Deva have done much things other than direction in this movie.

Jalsa Jalsa.
Vocals: Baba Segal, Rita.

Jalsa Jalsa is track which i like the most because of Baba Segals vocal the first song i heard of Baba Segal was Aja Meri Gaadi Me Bait Ja this was released in the year early nineties, a very nice Hindi rapster and now in Tamil also thanks to DSP. I guess in this song Vijay will amaze his fans, nice lyrics by Rohini. It has come so superb with the combination of Baba who sung it in such a way it will suit Vijay. The most interesting about Baba is, he uses some of english word in between the lyrics even in this song you would hear "Rock the floor ilaya thalapathy" at the start it has some spanish style which is mixed to the native style later. More number of instrument are used in this song like guitar, drums, pads, keybord and many others.

Vaada Mapilley.
Vocals: Tipu, Vadivelu, Rita.

Vaada Mapilley wow nice track it will seem like a govan beach song. Again Kabilan wrote the lyrics for this song, the words are't that special but the way it is composed by DSP is really superb talent. Guitar is mostly used as the lead instrument for this song, what highlights is Vadivelu's vocal saying bale bale even Nagaswaram and thavil is also used to give some native effect, Tipu have taken a very high pitch which very good and also rita with her sexy voice.

Vocals: DSP, Divya

Dheemthanakka a typical vijay score focuses entirely on rhythm Devi Sree Prasad he himself have done the vocal for this song to tune up the emotion for listeners lyrics is written by Snehan which is said to be of little poetic stuff which is really good. I guess this also a another couple dance number. Awsome beats where drums and pads come into action, to give more life to this number DSP has used flute, sax also guitar. Divya equally as good as DSP in this song.

Jalsa Jalsa.
Vocals: Baba Segal, DSP, Rita.

Jalsa Jalsa this is a remixed version of the above Jalsa Jalsa, when Baba is in the song expect a remixed version. This number is said to the DSP version as he himself come down to the vocal with Baba and Rita. More of instruments with awesome beats and Tabla being used in between is really good.

The whole album is very nice, overall it totally composed for Vijay, Hope he rocks the screan as the audio. Waiting to watch it big screen.


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