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Goa Movie Review.

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Soundarya Rajinikanth should be appreciated for avoiding a predictable, contrived formula plot and choosing a bold theme for her maiden production venture.

Though Venkat Prabhu's third outing doesn't match his earlier ones, Goa does have its moments.

The story begins in a village Pannaipuram (Venkat Prabhu's native place) near Madurai, where Saamikannu (Premgi Amaran), Vinayagam(Jai) and Ramarajan (Vaibhav) are friends.
The trio does nothing besides indulging in mendacious activities. The irked villagers decide to teach them a lesson and the panchayat chief orders that the three irritating chaps should be separated for the peace of the village.

They rob the temple jewellery and run away to Madurai to meet one of their friends, Azhagar.

When they discover that the friend has married a foreigner whom he met in Goa and is leaving soon for London, they set off for Goa looking for rich foreigners whom they can marry and settle down with abroad.

When they reach the land of sun, sand, surf and sexy women, they meet a cou ple of gay restaurateurs Jack (Arvindh Akash) and Danny (Sampath) who run a resort and help the trio out. Roshini (Piaa bajpai) a singer at the resort falls for Vinayagam. Meanwhile Jesika (Melony), a white woman who'd met Saami earlier at a Madurai wedding, bumps into him in Goa and falls in love with him. Ramarajan's life also takes a new turn when he meets Suhasini Fernando (Sneha), a millionaire who owns a gambling spot called Casino Royale. With the help of Jack and Danny, the village bumpkins get an image makeover. The rest of the film, narrated in a hilarious way, is about whether they succeed in their devious plans to marry rich gals.

Venkat Prabhu's brother Premgi's role has an edge over the others. He utilizes it fully and plays to his strength. Equally impressive are Jai and Vaibhav. Jai with his broken English dialect evokes laughter every now and then.

While Arvindh Akash does a neat job, it is Sampath in the unconventional role of a gay guy who is a revelation. None of the three girls have any great bearing on this male-dominated movie. Sneha, attempting an image makeover by playing a bold character, carries off the role with ease and Piya is promising. The problem with the film is its weak script -- one can hardly find a story in it. For how long can we watch the boys constantly running behind bikini-clad women?
In the second half, the story meanders aimlessly. What needs to be appreciated is his attempt to portray a homosexual relationship in a mainstream film. He has pulled it off with plenty of humour, but avoided mockery.

Hrithik Roshan fears going bald soon.

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Even the best of actors are bogged down by insecurities sometimes. And Hrithik Roshan is no exception. The actor's biggest fear is that he will soon go bald just like papa Roshan.

A close friend of Hrithik revealed that, Hrithik fears so much that he has ended up losing hair over the issue! He is convinced that with passing time, he will have the same shiny pate that his dad sports. So, he takes care of his hair very carefully.

Hrithik's sister, Sunaina, however, makes fun of Hrithik's obsession and paranoia. The source adds, "Sunaina, a cancer patient, underwent chemotherapy recently and lost all her hair. She told Hrithik that you never know what games life can play on you and that anyone can just go bald one day. But perfectionist that he is, Hrithik is always tending to his hair."

Mallika in Love Barack

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Mallika Sherawat is making news once again. And this time it's for a wild photo shoot with international photographer Ash Gupta for Studio 838 in Los Angeles. Mallika sported three different looks for this photo shoot, all designed by Hollywood designer Maggie Barry.

While in one of them, the actress is seen draped in the American flag, the other has her canoodling the most powerful man of the world -- US President Barack Obama. No, it's not the President in flesh and blood, but his cutout that she will be romancing. What's notable however, is the kiss mark planted on the cheek of the President's cutout. Another photograph of Mallika shows her in a short white and black dress, adorned with laces and frills In her final avatar, Mallika sports a look, inspired by her Hollywood film, Hisss, where she plays a snake woman.

Incidentally, this campaign is being touted to be part of is being touted to be part of promotional activity for a movie that she has recently signed called Love, Barack.
The film deals with the romance between a Democrat campaign volunteer and her Republican counterpart. Mallika's character, Aretha Gupta, has been inspired by Kamala Harris, who is the district attorney general of San Francisco.

This is what Mallika wrote on her Twitter profile, "Kamala is a great inspiration and to play a part inspired by her is an actress’s dream. I will B ’shadowing’ Harris to research my new movie. It’s an amazing role. I’m working hard at. I’m ready,"

The shooting of the film will be held in Florida, which is Mallika's current base. In one of her tweets, she writes: "Headed to dinner in Beverly Hills with my LB (Love, Barack) director and leading man... lethal combination ;-

A.R.Rahman to be nominated again for Oscar this year.

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The Mozart of Madras composed the track Na Na.. for the Hollywood film called Couples Retreat has been included in the nomination list for the Oscars this year for the `Best Original Soundtrack' category A.R.Rahman has tried six different musical influences in the song.If everything goes well, then Mozart of Madras might just create history again. A R Rahman's track Na na from his first Hollywood project Couples Retreat has been included to compete in the official list of nominees for the Academy awards along with 63 other entries for the title of `Best Original Soundtrack' this year. The final list of nominees will be out during the first week of February.

A.R.Rahman broke this news to the media during a press meet on Monday morning organised by music company Saregama to mark the audio launch of Couples Retreat. What makes this nomination even more special is that the music maestro's son Ameen has also sung for the track.

A.R.Rahman mentioned that he has tried out six different musical influences are, a Tamil song, a Hindi classical number, a Spanish song, a classic piano track, African beats and even a Sanskrit sloka. Usually the pressure of getting a prestigious award can get to you and even affect your work, but mastro had signed Couples Retreat even before winning the Oscar.

One of the main reasons he accepted it is because the film belongs to a genre he likes which is comedy. Rahman has also penned the lyrics for the Tamil song Kurukuru Kan in this movie.
Speaking about this he said, It's not the first time he's writing lyrics. In this particular case, he really didn't have a choice, because it was suddenly decided that the movie would also include a Tamil number and sitting in LA it was impossible for him to find a lyricist so soon, that's why he decided to give it a shot.

The movie "Couples Retreat" is based on an original idea of Vince Vaughn’s. The comedy follows four Midwestern couples who embark on a journey to a tropical island resort. While one of the couples is there to work on their marriage, the other three set out to jet ski, spa and enjoy some fun in the sun. They soon discover that participation in the resort’s couples therapy is not optional. Suddenly, their group-rate vacation comes at a price. What follows is a hilarious look at real world problems faced by all couples.

Imran Khan gifted Avantika a Imported Car.

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Imran Khan, who got engaged to his long-time girlfriend Avantika on Jan 15, surprised her with a unique gift - a specially imported red Volkswagen Beetle - a couple of days before the engagement. Ever since Avantika, his girlfriend of seven years, had seen the car during one of their overseas trip, she dreamt of owning it someday. When the couple decided to get engaged, Imran decided to buy her that car. However, since it is not available in India, he got in touch with the manufacturers in Europe and booked it so that it could arrive right on time for the engagement. Imran got engaged to Avantika in a private ceremony on Saturday afternoon at Avantika's farmhouse in Karjat. Few of the film fraternity like Aamir Khan, Kunal Kohli and Abbas Tyrewala were invited.


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AAYIRATTHIL ORUVAN is completely a fantasy adventure Tamil movie which is some what related to novel concept. Along the lines of Hollywood films like Gladiator and King Solomon's Mines among other blockbusters, Aayiratthil Oruvan is a grand spectacle and makes Kollywood proud, thanks to stunning visuals by Ramji.

Thousands of junior artistes, fantastic visuals and the plot's with unexpected twists and turns combine to make it an engrossing and spectacular cinematic experience. But, the minus point is the story which is hard understand for the average viewer to grasp, morbid sequences and a too-lengthy second half. The movie is salvaged by an off the-beaten-track subject. It has to be watched with a different perspective.

The story goes like this, A scientist archaeologist (Prathap Pothen) goes missing on a mission to locate a lost Chola dynasty. The government appoints a secret team led by archaeologist Anitha Pandian (Reema Sen) and a military officer Ravi (Azhagam Perumal) to decipher the clues available and track down the scientist. His daughter Lavanya (Andrea) is roped in to help the mission. The expedition is accompanied by a team of coolies led by Muthu (Karthi), an uncouth loudmouth. The search party travels through rough, unexplored, dangerous terrain. Finally, three of them, Anitha, Lavanya and Muthu find themselves alone in a land occupied by ethnic Tamils, ruled by a Chola king (Parthiban). This backward place has been untouched by the rapidly changing world. As the trio is about to be killed as per the beliefs of their captors, the suspense breaks.

What follows is a combination of events which surprise the audience with visually breath taking scenes that eventually confuse the viewer. There's an unexpected climax where Muthu rescues the King's son and runs away with him into the darkness, the same scene that happened centuries back from where the story begins.

Reema Sen is the real scene stealer. She's out there giving it all she's got, playing a powerful role. She is the heart and soul of the film can also be said like Indian Lara Croft. Karthi in the unconventional role of a porter is amazing. He depicts with precision the gradual transformation of an illiterate into a super-hero. He is a bundle of energy. Andrea plays the small role of a guide. Azhagam Perumal portrays an army officer and Parthiban surprises the audience by playing a descendant of the Chola Empire. His stiff looks, body language and dialogue delivery are expressive. The several thousand junior artistes add strength to the script. Their hard work and substantial contribution enlivens the movie.

Brilliant cinematography by Ramji and terrific music from G V Prakash support the mood of the film. The remixed old MGR number Adho Andha Paravai, picturised on Karthi is a treat to watch. Erum Ali's costumes for this period film are superb. One can't help observing that if Selvaraghavan had reduced the gore in the second half and not been quite so influenced by Hollywood films, this one could have been a royal treat.

Genelia's Tweets lands her into trouble.

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Genelia D'souza was scheduled to shoot for a reality show recently to promote her upcoming film Chance Pe Dance. Just before the shoot, she cancelled it out stating because of her ill health as a reason. Apparently on the same day Genelia dubbed for a hair oil brand that she endorses, was revealed when she updated her status by her tweet.

The channel and the production house were all geared up to shoot with Genelia and all the arrangements were made. But when she cancelled the shoot, the production house sympathized with her as she said she was unwell. One of the production guys who follows Genelia on Twitter, happened to see her tweets on Twitter stating that she will be attending a dubbing session on the same day. The channel producers were upset that the actress lied to them and are now opting for another celebrity guest.

Next time if Genelia is cancelling her shoot then she has to little careful on what she is tweeting or check if any of the production crew member of that particular company is following her on Twitter.

3 Idiots to be remaked in Tamil.

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Aamir Khan played Tamil superstar Surya's character in the Hindi remake of Ghajini. The film was a huge commercial success. Now, Surya is all set to turn the tables by playing Aamir's character in the Tamil remake of Bollywood blockbuster 3 Idiots. The Gemini Film Circuit has already been talking to the makers of the Aamir - Kareena Kapoor starer for its Tamil rights and once the formalities are complete, the movie will go on the floors. However, two other actors to enact the roles essayed of R. Madhavan and Sharman Joshi are yet to be finalised.

There is a buzz that Madhavan may be roped in the Tamil version of the flick to play the same role, as he has experience of playing roles in Tamil film industry and does not have any objection to it. There are plans to remake the film in Telugu too.

3 Idiots response in chennai was way beyond expectations, and if Surya does it for Tamil audience it will a another huge commercial success. I wonder what could be the title of the film Moondru Mootal (3 Idiots).

List of film releasing this Pongal 2010.

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List of Kollywood film releasing for Pongal 2010 are Aayirathil Oruvan, Kutty, Naanayam and Porkkalam. The battle for the box-office for this Pongal seems to be going ferocious. Its gonna be a battle between the brothers Selvaraghavan and Dhanush as Aayirathil Oruvan and Kutty will release on same day January14. All the famous theaters across Tamilnadu have booked both these films which are likely to open big.

Aayirathil Oruvan is one of the most expected film of the year which is also considered as the hottest film, after the promos which are frequently screened over famous television channels and also over Internet. Producer R Raveendran has sold the film for very high price in most of the areas. Moreover the songs of this movie which is composed by GV Prakash are listed at the top on the chart. GV Prakash, have worked so hard like never before for this movie and may be thats the reason the songs are scorching the charts.

The next most expected movie of the year is Kutty, starring Dhanush and Shriya, which is apparently remake of the Telugu blockbuster film Arya which is directed by Mithran Jawahar his last film was Yaaradi Nee Mohini with Dhanush and Nayanthara which was also a superhit movie. Dhanush claims that Kutty is a perfect family entertainer with great music scored by Devi Sri Prasad. The film holds many twists and turns to make the audience laugh, cry and also to be entertained. The film doesn't have any villains and any sort of violence, may be thats why its considered as a perfect family entertainer.

The famous Producer SPB Charan, who is known for making fresh movies like Chennai-28, has decided to release his edge-of-the-seat bank heist story Naanayam, starring Prasanna, Sibiraj and new girl Ramya Raj. Singer SPB, is also have done an important role in this movie. Music of this movie is scored by James Vasanthan which is already a hit, with actor Simbu and music director Devi Sri Prasad singing a song. Debutant director Sakthi K Rajan, has directed this movie in different manner. This movie will be considered as huge break for Sibiraj who plays a negative role in the film. The film is an action thriller and which deals with a bank robbery.

The fourth movie for Pongal release is Porkkalam, Its an action cum adventure kinda movie which deals with seven bad men — Kishore, Biju Menon, Lal, Sampath, Ponvannan, Nagendran and Tinnu Anand. Kannada actress Smitha is the heroine. The film is directed by debutant director Bandi Saroj Kumar. The film’s story is based on love and revenge. It has been shot with four cameras with wide angle lens. The director loves the concept of the battlefield and that’s why he has chosen this title which is explained as the film unfolds.
Concludes Abirami Ramanathan, “It is the biggest season for movies in Tamil Nadu and we are expecting the box-office to boom during this period. There is a special audience as seeing a movie is part of the traditional Pongal ritual.”

Soundarya Rajinikanth is all set to get engaged with Ashwin Ramkumar on Feb 17th.

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Click here to check the Engagement Pic.
The new year brings good tidings for superstar Rajnikanth's family. Soundarya, the youngest daughter of the superstar has finally announced her decision to get married, and the lucky man is Ashwin Ramkumar, son of businessman Ramkumar. Rajini's elder daughter Aishwarya married actor Dhanush, but Soundarya's choice of a groom from a family outside the industry has surprised many.

27 year old Ashwin has done master's degree from the prestigious Stanford University in USA and now works with his father in the family's construction business K.S.Venkatraman & Co.

Confirming the news, Soundarya reveals, that she have known Ashwin for a year now and it's a lovecum-arranged marriage. When she revealed about this to her father Rajinikanth, he immediately accepted it. It is with the consent of both families that the decision was taken and the engagement is fixed for February 17.

The two have been friends for about three to four years now and things got serious in July last year. It is only recently the couple broke the news to their friends.

The Ramkumars are a well-known family in the city. They are held in high-esteem within the community and the social circles in Chennai. Close friends of the family reveal that Soundarya's mother Latha and sister Aishwarya have already visited the Ramkumars at their home on South Boag Road in T Nagar to fix the alliance. The engagement, which will be held after the release of Soundarya's maid en venture Goa on January 29, will be at her father's residence in Poes Garden. It will be an intimate affair with just relatives and family friends attending.

Soundarya is convinced 2010 will be a great year for her, professionally as well as personally. Even as she marries the man of her dreams, her debut directorial animation film, Sultan The Warrior, is all set to hit the screens this year.

Soundarya's marriage is expected to be the wedding of the year.

Ultimate Star Ajith clubs with Gautham Menon for his 50th Film.

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Ajith is ready to move on to his landmark 50th film with Asal ready to hit the Screen soon. There are reports that he had trusted director Gautham Menon this time. And going by Ajith’s new get-up during the audio launch of Asal, which had the star in a crew cut, speculations rose that it could be a police story.

Incidentally, Gautham’s police stories like Kaakka Kaakka with Suriya and Vettayaadu Vilayaadu with Kamal Haasan were box office hits. Ajith’s get-up change could be for yet another Gautham Menon’s police story?