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AAYIRATTHIL ORUVAN is completely a fantasy adventure Tamil movie which is some what related to novel concept. Along the lines of Hollywood films like Gladiator and King Solomon's Mines among other blockbusters, Aayiratthil Oruvan is a grand spectacle and makes Kollywood proud, thanks to stunning visuals by Ramji.

Thousands of junior artistes, fantastic visuals and the plot's with unexpected twists and turns combine to make it an engrossing and spectacular cinematic experience. But, the minus point is the story which is hard understand for the average viewer to grasp, morbid sequences and a too-lengthy second half. The movie is salvaged by an off the-beaten-track subject. It has to be watched with a different perspective.

The story goes like this, A scientist archaeologist (Prathap Pothen) goes missing on a mission to locate a lost Chola dynasty. The government appoints a secret team led by archaeologist Anitha Pandian (Reema Sen) and a military officer Ravi (Azhagam Perumal) to decipher the clues available and track down the scientist. His daughter Lavanya (Andrea) is roped in to help the mission. The expedition is accompanied by a team of coolies led by Muthu (Karthi), an uncouth loudmouth. The search party travels through rough, unexplored, dangerous terrain. Finally, three of them, Anitha, Lavanya and Muthu find themselves alone in a land occupied by ethnic Tamils, ruled by a Chola king (Parthiban). This backward place has been untouched by the rapidly changing world. As the trio is about to be killed as per the beliefs of their captors, the suspense breaks.

What follows is a combination of events which surprise the audience with visually breath taking scenes that eventually confuse the viewer. There's an unexpected climax where Muthu rescues the King's son and runs away with him into the darkness, the same scene that happened centuries back from where the story begins.

Reema Sen is the real scene stealer. She's out there giving it all she's got, playing a powerful role. She is the heart and soul of the film can also be said like Indian Lara Croft. Karthi in the unconventional role of a porter is amazing. He depicts with precision the gradual transformation of an illiterate into a super-hero. He is a bundle of energy. Andrea plays the small role of a guide. Azhagam Perumal portrays an army officer and Parthiban surprises the audience by playing a descendant of the Chola Empire. His stiff looks, body language and dialogue delivery are expressive. The several thousand junior artistes add strength to the script. Their hard work and substantial contribution enlivens the movie.

Brilliant cinematography by Ramji and terrific music from G V Prakash support the mood of the film. The remixed old MGR number Adho Andha Paravai, picturised on Karthi is a treat to watch. Erum Ali's costumes for this period film are superb. One can't help observing that if Selvaraghavan had reduced the gore in the second half and not been quite so influenced by Hollywood films, this one could have been a royal treat.

Dilip said...
February 3, 2010 at 10:35 AM  

a good movie.. brilliant take... one left to find clear lifts from movies like...1) Indiana Jones 2) Gladiator 3) the last samurai 4) apocalypto 5)300 etc...

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