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Mohanlal to club with Jackie Chan.


Hong Kong action hero Mr. Chan and Malayalam Superstar Mohanlal are going to act together in a movie called Nair San.
This movie is produced by Middle Eastern production company and directed by Albert. This movie is life history of Ayyappan Pillai Madhavan Nair. who was well known as Nair San in Nihon(japan). Mohanlal is paired with Nihon's famous actress Shunsuken Matosuoka. This Movie is based on 1920 to 1970 era.
Nair San was Famous industralist in Nihon who comes his native Thiruvananthapuram. He travelled to Nihon via Srilanka as an engineering student at Indian independence period. After his studies he statrs fighint for Indian independence which would be pictured in the movie.

Chiranjeevi enters politics.


Chiranjeevi who's considered as the telugu superstar now enters politics. On 26th of this august he started his party named as Prajarajyam in Tirupathi.
In his meeting he also said that he's from very humble background and faces many dificulties, By taking oath on Lord Venkateshwara he would serve only for the people.
He also stated that his moto is to bring modelization and industrialization for Andra Pradesh people.
The interesting part is over 10Lakh people had come to see his party launch in Tirupathi.

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What shall we say him Actor or Businessman


What shall we call him actor or Businessman, Its none other than actor Mohanlal. We all know that Mohanlal is considered as Malayalam superstar. But do we know that he's also known as very good business man, He owns chain of hotels in India and abroad. Now he has started stock broking office called Hedge Equities which is worth Rs 80 million.
This Business acumen's next project is to enter education sector by setting up schools and college.

A Well qualified actor in our kollywood.


It's none other than Arvind Swamy. The former tamil actor was introdused to tamil industry by his very good friend and a great director Mani Ratnam. His first movie was Thalapati, His fiirst was with SuperStar and malayalam super hero.
Then in his second movie Roja, he did the lead role. which was super hit movie all over the country. And considered as record setter, A.R.Rehman debut movie as music director and his National award in his first movie.
After this movie both Rehman and Arvind got popular in tamil industry. I guess this was their stepping stone to success.
Arvind did his MBA in Wake Forest university in North Carolina,USA.
Now he's the Chairman and MD of Talent Maximus, which works on Payroll Processing and Employee Administration Etc.

Super Star's Fan now all around the world.


We all know that Superstar and his movie are watched in Japan and some other countries other than India. But now few others have also joined Superstar's community. Its none other than Pakistan and Afghanistan. where Superstar's movie is been watched and enjoyed. Though they watch in Hindi dubbed version they really enjoy it. His style of smoking cigarette ans some other famous style is performed by his fans out there.
Batsha was the movie which was seen by many of the people in Pakistan. Some of the theater are showing his films.
Sivaji is the next movie which is expected very eagerly out there. Because Sivaji is still now dubbed in Hindi.
Just think these people enjoy watching movie which is dubbed in Hindi. What will happen when they watch originally in Tamil which would give a real feel of his movie.

Vishal's Satyam.


Staring: Vishal, Nayantara, Premji amaran, Upendra.

Director: RajaSekhar

Music director: Harris Jayaraj

Producer: Vikram Krishna.

It's every hero's dream to act as a police officer on the screen. It gives them different image to their career. This is happening from the previous generation of hero's. For instance take Superstar or Kamal they have done many movies as police officer which was superhit for them.

Now recently Suriya has proven in Kakha Kakha.

Now its time for vishal to prove it out. Seems like Vishal have put lot of effort for the movie like keeping his body fit as a perfect police officer, his looks, hairstyle, the body language etc which he changed and shown the diffenence between the ordinary Vishal and the Vishal inthe movie Satyam.

Satyam is concidered as very big project for Vishal. Lets see how the movie is doing on screen and how is the public review about the movie.

Kolywood leading actress now turned as singer.


Kollywood leading actress Trisha is now goin to sing a song in her next film Abhiyum Naanum. A.R.Rahman is the music director for this movie. For the first time she's goin to sing for the national award winning director. Trisha has some knowledge on music because in her school days she has done many stage shows. Though she sings lets see whats she is going to do.
We wish her all the best for singing this song lets see if she rocks the house with voice.

Dhanush to club with Vivek for the first time.


Dhanush in his next movie Padikkadhavan teams up with Vivek. This movie is totally action an comedy based. This movie is directed by Suraaj who is very creative in giving out comedy in action movie. The combination is expected to rock in comedy track as Dhanush does humour scene with his natural act.

Suriya and his six packs in Ayan


Suriya recently developed his six packs which looks very awsome for him. He did at right time because in his next movie Ayan where the director K.V.Anand wanted him to be a very tuff guy.
Some of the fight scene is shot in realistic manner. One scene is where Suriya fights in a goods train as Rajinikant did in his movie "Murattu Kallai".

Whats next after Kamaraj? Gandhi.


Ramana communication who produced the movie Kamaraj is now doing a next film on Gandhiji,
It will have some idea Lage raho Munnabhai like non-violence in new generation style.
Music director will be Gangai Amaran who has gives excellent tracks about gandhiji with his principles. the audio will be released in both language Tamil and Hindi on October 2nd as its Bapuji's birthday.

Genilia's Bollywood offers.


After the film Jaane Tu Jaane Na Genilia started getting offers in bollywood. As the film is going very well in bollywood.
Now she has 3 offers in her bag. She has decided to do roles only which suits her. Though she's doing bollywood films, she likes Tamil industries and soon will do a movie in Tamil.

Kamal's next movie $50 Million


Kamal who is famous for giving great hits will be doing a movie produced by Walt Disney. This movie is said to be a $ 50 Million project. This movie is based on matrial arts and thriller.

The movie is named as 19 Steps which is directed by Bharat bala who's famous making Rehman's music video Vande mataram, Jana Gana Mana.

After the Marmayogi this movie will be started and will be released in middle of 2009. a famous japanese actor Tadanobu Asano is signed for the movie who is famous for her Samurai roles in couple of her movies.

The outline story is that the samurai fighter tries to concer the ancient Indian matrial art Kalaripayattu. Kamal playing as Indian matrial art Guru who learns all the 19 steps and fights back.

I guess its gonna be rocking movie for Kamal fans after the Dasavatharam.



The blockbuster of this month Kuselan in which our Super Star Rajinikanth have acted as a supporting role in this movie. Kuselan is a Malayalam remake movie.

Again Chandramuki's combination Director P.Vasu and Super Star come together for Kusalen. This is a different Kind of movie. Where Super Star act as himself in the movie.

the story is like this, two school friends Super Star and Pasupathy grow up together and as time goes on they both follow their own path. Rajinikanth enters into film industry and becomes as Super Star in the movie, and Pasupathy becomes barber.

One day Super Star comes to a village for shooting where Pasupathy works as barber. The movie is all about friendship saying whether they or not. and even if they meet what are things they do out.

Cast: Rajinikanth, PAsupathy, Meena, Nayanthara, Sona, Vadivelu, Vijayakumar.

Director: P.Vasu.

Music: G.V Prakash.

Produser: K.Balachander

Tare zameen par to be dubbed in tamil


Recently Amir Khan visited Chennai to receive Gollapudi Srinivas National Award there he said that his movie Tare Zameen Par was to be dubbed in Tamil and Telugu as per the request of the fans to watch the movie in their own language.

In Tamil actor Suriya is signed to dubb for Amir Khan. The movie will tittled as Vaal Natchathiram in Tamil and in Telugu it will as Nelameedha Taaralu, and Pyramid SAimira will the distributor for this movie.

Kamal combines with Rajinikanth's daughter Soundarya.


Kamal combines Soundarya Rajinikant's Ocher-Warner production for producing his next movie Marmayogi. before he was clubbed with Pyramid Saimira.
Kamal have returned the amount back which he took from Pyramid Saimira. Now he started talking to the Ocher Studio for starting the historical movie Marmayogi.
The reason why he switched is that the Saimira had offered 150 crores for the movie budget. But they were more comfortable with 100 crores.
Now to have the idea about the movie Kamal have sent the whole script to Warner bros U.S so that they could figure out what kind of movie is this and what exactly he's trying to do it.

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Saroja from the makers of Chennai 600028 is again back to give as a big hit.
Director Venkat Prabu and some of the stars of chennai 600028 is with a film Saroja which is Thriller based movie.

Cast: kajal aggarwal, Shiva, S.P.B Charan, Prem.G, Vega, Vaibhav, Prakash Raj, Jairam.

Music: Yuvan Shankar Raja.

Director: Venkat Prabu

Producer: T Shiva

Yuvan has given 6 audio track each with different style of music,

1. Dosth Bada Dosth.
(singers: Hariharan, Naveen, Rahul Nambiar)

2. Cheeky Cheeky.
(singer: Yuvan Shankar Raja, Matilda, Nirdhiya)

3. Nimirindhu Nil
(singer: Shankar Mahadevan)

4. Aaja Meri Soniye
(singer: Vijay Jesudas, Charan, Prem G Amaran)

5. Kodana Koli
(singer: Mohammad Aslam, Ranina, Kavi)

6. My Life.
(singer: Tanvi)

The Audio Release function was talk of the town because two great music director A.R.Rahman and Yuvan Shankar Raja both appeared in stage

New offer for JAI

Now as we all know who is Jai not like before when we addressed him as Jai from Chennai 600028 or the Rocker's Ragu.
After the big hit of Subramaniapuram hero Jai has got 3 new offers.
1. Raakkozhi.
2. Adhe Neeram Adhe Idam.
3. Aval Peyar Thamizharsi.

Each film is with different character role. Raakkozhi is the first one to be shot. Nirav shah is the cinematographer for this movie. Nirav was handling camera in the movie Billa. Nirav is right now busy with a another project with Arya. As soon as he finishes it this will be started.

Raakkozhi is directed by the husband and wife combination Pushkar and Gayathri who directed Oram Po.

Lekha Washington is the screen pair for Jai in Raakkozhi.


Subramanipuram the movie which i saw on 3rd august. After working from morning me and my brother suddenly decided to watch this movie in near by theater. I did't knew much about this movie. what i knew was the hero and the director of the movie. I thought its total waste to watch this movie. We reached the theater and what i found was no tickets. Had to buy the ticket in black. Then as i entered the theater it was fully jam packed. I was totally suprised because the was movie was released long back and still the theater was jampacked.
As i started watching the movie i could't understand anything because i missed first few minutes. But later as time went on i started feeling so happy that i finally made it to a very good movie which is kind of my choice.
This film does't have any famous star cast even then its running housefull for weeks. The director he himself have performed in it and this is his debut project. The director have proved that he can work as good as his seniors. director sasi was working as assistant for director Amir and Bala. Through this movie he made his senior's feel proud about him that even he can give out such a good movie. Though movie has total violence in second half, but the first half is fully filled with comedy,romance,friendship,action,sentiment etc.

My advice is watch this movie once in theater then you will be really satisfied that you have watched a good movie.
Should say something about the hero and the heroine. Jai from movie chennai 600028 is the hero and swathy is the heroine from the telgu industry. this is the debut movie for swathy as main heroine.

Cast: Jay, Swathy, Ganja Karuppu, Sasi Kumar, Samudhirakani
Direction: Sasi Kumar
Production: Sasi Kumar
Music: James Vasanthan

James Vasanthan have gives superb music track though the movie is based on 1980 time period the melody and folk songs are very new of its trend.

The story is very strong and full of friendship. i was very lucky to watch this movie on friendship day.

Tag line: Its all about couple of friends who was miss guided by politician spoils their life for his own life.



Hey all you Tamil foks here iam to give you a complete review about the Kollywood films and stuff.
You can ask for anything or comment on anything.