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Mohanlal to club with Jackie Chan.


Hong Kong action hero Mr. Chan and Malayalam Superstar Mohanlal are going to act together in a movie called Nair San.
This movie is produced by Middle Eastern production company and directed by Albert. This movie is life history of Ayyappan Pillai Madhavan Nair. who was well known as Nair San in Nihon(japan). Mohanlal is paired with Nihon's famous actress Shunsuken Matosuoka. This Movie is based on 1920 to 1970 era.
Nair San was Famous industralist in Nihon who comes his native Thiruvananthapuram. He travelled to Nihon via Srilanka as an engineering student at Indian independence period. After his studies he statrs fighint for Indian independence which would be pictured in the movie.


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