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Subramanipuram the movie which i saw on 3rd august. After working from morning me and my brother suddenly decided to watch this movie in near by theater. I did't knew much about this movie. what i knew was the hero and the director of the movie. I thought its total waste to watch this movie. We reached the theater and what i found was no tickets. Had to buy the ticket in black. Then as i entered the theater it was fully jam packed. I was totally suprised because the was movie was released long back and still the theater was jampacked.
As i started watching the movie i could't understand anything because i missed first few minutes. But later as time went on i started feeling so happy that i finally made it to a very good movie which is kind of my choice.
This film does't have any famous star cast even then its running housefull for weeks. The director he himself have performed in it and this is his debut project. The director have proved that he can work as good as his seniors. director sasi was working as assistant for director Amir and Bala. Through this movie he made his senior's feel proud about him that even he can give out such a good movie. Though movie has total violence in second half, but the first half is fully filled with comedy,romance,friendship,action,sentiment etc.

My advice is watch this movie once in theater then you will be really satisfied that you have watched a good movie.
Should say something about the hero and the heroine. Jai from movie chennai 600028 is the hero and swathy is the heroine from the telgu industry. this is the debut movie for swathy as main heroine.

Cast: Jay, Swathy, Ganja Karuppu, Sasi Kumar, Samudhirakani
Direction: Sasi Kumar
Production: Sasi Kumar
Music: James Vasanthan

James Vasanthan have gives superb music track though the movie is based on 1980 time period the melody and folk songs are very new of its trend.

The story is very strong and full of friendship. i was very lucky to watch this movie on friendship day.

Tag line: Its all about couple of friends who was miss guided by politician spoils their life for his own life.


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