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Kamal's next movie $50 Million


Kamal who is famous for giving great hits will be doing a movie produced by Walt Disney. This movie is said to be a $ 50 Million project. This movie is based on matrial arts and thriller.

The movie is named as 19 Steps which is directed by Bharat bala who's famous making Rehman's music video Vande mataram, Jana Gana Mana.

After the Marmayogi this movie will be started and will be released in middle of 2009. a famous japanese actor Tadanobu Asano is signed for the movie who is famous for her Samurai roles in couple of her movies.

The outline story is that the samurai fighter tries to concer the ancient Indian matrial art Kalaripayattu. Kamal playing as Indian matrial art Guru who learns all the 19 steps and fights back.

I guess its gonna be rocking movie for Kamal fans after the Dasavatharam.


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