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Vinnai Thaandi Varuvaaya Movie Review

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Vinnai Thaandi Varuvaaya is a captivating love story, narrated with precision in Gautham Vasudev Menon's signature style. The appeal of the film is enhanced by the lead pair Simbhu and Trisha with their fantastic onscreen chemistry, the terrific music by Oscar winner AR Rahman and the stunning visuals from Manoj Paramahamsa. Anyone who has fallen in love can relate to the story.

The Story begins like this, Karthik (Silambarasan) a mechanical engineering graduate from a Hindu Vellalar community who's just out of college, dreams of becoming a film maker. He meets IT professional Jessie (Trisha), a Malayalee Christian girl and falls in love at first sight. Karthik lives with his parents, on the ground floor of a house owned by Jessie's father (Babu Antony), whose family occupy the top floor. Karthik befriends cinematographer Ganesh (producer Ganesh) who helps him get a job as assistant to acclaimed director K S Ravikumar. Meanwhile, the love-struck Karthik follows Jessie wherever she goes. One day unexpectedly he confesses his love for her.

Jessie, however, is shocked and more concerned about her father, who she knows would never agree to such an alliance. Their personalities too are poles apart. Jessie is cold and controlled, while Karthik is passionate and impulsive. He strongly believes that Jessie is concealing her true feelings for him. Finally after several meetings they come to an agreement to be just friends, but a train journey from Alleppey draws them closer and Jessie's real feelings are revealed. Just when everything seems to be perfect, Jessie expresses her uncertainty over the relationship. She wants romance, but with the consent of her father, which leaves Karthik in a state of confusion. After several mix ups, Jessie finally tells Karthik that she will not meet him any more and has decided to marry a boy of her father's choice. The movie's suspense and tension lies in whether Karthik and Jessie unite in wedlock or part ways. The end is unconventional.

The film is more character driven than incident driven and truly belongs to the lead pair Simbhu and Trisha. Simbhu delivers a knockout performance devoid of his usual antics. With his body language perfectly suited to a love smitten boy of his age, aided by apt dialogues, he scores in every frame and is a treat to watch.

The credit goes to Gautham Menon for his inspired casting. Trisha in a complex part is a revelation. She slips into the role of a cold hearted beauty with ease. Trisha's character is enhanced with minimal makeup and simple outfits by Nalini Sriram. There's a sprinkling of humor as the one-liners and gags shared by Ganesh and Simbhu evoke instant laughter. Among the supporting cast, Babu Antony, Kitty, Uma Padmanabhan are convincing.

AR Rahman spells romance in every song whether it's the opening delight Hosana or the poetic Omana Penne, his music simply rocks. Manoj's camera beautifully captures the lush greenery of Kerala, picturesque old churches of Malta and some fresh locales in the USA. Antony's slick editing and Rajeevan's art direction add to the authentic feel of the film.
There is, however, a downside. The movie drags and moves at a slow pace in the second half. Some of the dialogues, including the altercations between the lead pair, are repetitive.Despite all this, Gautham weaves a romantic, magical tale which will linger in our minds for a long time. Devoid of clich├ęd villains, silly comedy and mindless action, VTV should not be missed.

Soundarya Rajinikanth got engaged to Ashwin Ramkumar.

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The most awaited weddings in Kollywood this year. Superstar Rajnikanth's younger daughter Soundarya's engagement to entrepreneur Ashwin Ramkumar on Wednesday evening was the talk many a conversation.

The bride's outfit was one of the points of avid discussion. While many had expected Soundarya to pick an Indo-western outfit by an established designer, the bride and her mother Latha picked out a gorgeous kanjivaram sari for the special occasion. In consonance with the customs, the rituals too were traditional.

Generally Rajinikanth and his wife are known for keeping all their family events low, but this time they pulled out all the stops and their guest list included every celeb in town.

The venue, Sheraton Park Hotel in Alwarpet, was buzzing with activity for at least two days prior to the big day. Scores of private security personnel milled around, with the hosts expecting political biggies like the Tamilnadu Chief Minister M.Karunanidhi, also AIADMK supremo J. Jayalalithaa and others to attend.

The wedding date, it hasn't been decided yet. The wedding will take place only after Rajini's Endhiran and Soundarya's animated venture Sultan ­ The Warrior are released later this year.

Ajith at MRF Racing Challenge 2010

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Ajith had some technical fault in his vehicle due to which he was pulled out of the MRF Racing Challenge 2010.

Ajith walked out of the last two rounds after his vehicle developed that technical fault.

Thousands of Ajith's fans were gathered to see their star's performance at the race were totally disappointed after he was pulled off from the race.

Some angry fans even went of rampage tearing down the banners, shouting some slogans. Ajith grabbed the mic as the situatuin went out of control, Ajith managed to mollify the angry crowd and asked the to stay calm so the race can continue.

After star requested giving respect to his words the angry crowd settled down and allowed the race to finish.

Ajith's wife Shalini and daughter Anoushka had also come to witness how the star perform at the race.

Theeratha Vilayattu Pillai Movie Review.

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A comedy script laced with action is very common in Tamil cinema. Vishal, opts for this no risk route in Theeratha Vilayattu Pillai, after flexing his muscles in his recent movies.

Theeratha Vilayattu Pillai is similar to Ranbir's Bachchna Aye Haseeno, Vishal is out to emulate the same as what Ranbir did Bachchna Aye Haseeno. Vishal tries his hand over comedy track, tosses off witty one liners with confidence, and runs around trees romancing not one but three girls! Karthik (Vishal) is an MBA graduate and the pampered son of a bank manager couple (Mouli and Ratna). Born in a rich family, Karthik

is ultra fastidious right from a pin to a plane, Karthik has an array of choices and picks only the best out of it.

So when he decides it's time for him to marry, he gets the idea to date three women and select the best. Karthik is helped in his endeavors by his three buddies, an auto driver (Santhanam), a teashop owner (Mayilsami) and a traffic constable (Sathyan).

How a boy as supercilious as Karthik could befriend such diverse men is a moot point.

Karthik comes across Jyothi (Tanushree Dutta), an athlete who has reservations about men. Her brother (Prakash Raj) runs a kangaroo court. Interestingly, she gets attracted to Karthik. Next on the list is Priya (Sarah Jane), a girl strongly rooted in traditional ideas who's ideal saas bahu material. There is also Tejaswini (NeetuChandra),

a seductive multi-millionaire and oneof the hottest babes in town. Before Karthik can make his final choice, Tejaswini discovers his intentions and decides to pin him down. By then a reformed Karthik has fresh challenges to face. Subsequent events forms the climax of the film.

Vishal has deliberately gone in for an image makeover. As a cool Casanova, he gets his act right. As usual his character is loaded with heroism, and he has enough fights and punchlines to keep him happy. He imitates Rajinikanth while advising Neetu about values in life, and he also reminds you of Padaiyappa and Suriya, especially in his dance movements.

There's an abundance of glamour, thanks to the presence of the three girls. Sarah Jane impresses, but she as to get her expressions right. Neetu Chandra oozes with oomph and Tanushree Dutta fails to make the most of her meaty role. Santhanam bags the limelight with his applause worthy jokes and gags. Prakash Raj in a cameo s at his best. Others who perform cameos are Sneha and Mallika Kapoor. Yuvan Shankar Raja's music is a let down except for a couple of songs which are listenable. Aravind Krishna steals the show with his cool and pleasant cinematography.

The major problem with the script is that the second half proceeds along a predictable path.

Also the scenes unfold without logic. Amply backed by rich production values, debutant Thiru makes his intention clear, he wants to please the youngsters and the front-benchers and it's Vishal who has to bear the brunt.

Ajith back on the Race Track.

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Ultimate star Ajith Kumar is back on the race track after a gap of five years. Clad in red overalls, the racer- turned - actor blazed the Irungattukottai circuit on Friday in a bid to stage his comeback at the Sunday's MRF Racing Challenge finale.

The last time Ajith drove in a competitive event was in 2004 when he raced in the British Formula 3. The 38-year old, who is no stranger to the high adrenaline sport, showed no signs of nervousness as he negotiated the corners with elan.

Ajith said he was excited to sit behind the wheel of Formula car again. "I am really looking forward to the race day. I am hoping to put up a good show. Making it to the podium would be a great result given that I am racing after a long time," said Ajith, who was assisted by MRF's brand ambassador and former F1 driver Narain Karthikeyan.

Before taking a plunge in movies, Ajith was an avid racer. His motorsport career started early at an early age of 19, when he started riding bikes. In 2002, Ajit returned to the racing paddock amidst a successful film career to pursue his true passion for racing. In the 2003 Formula BMW Asia series, Ajit took part in 14 races and finished the season in the 12th place. Ajith was forced to shift his focus to acting after he found it difficult to rope in sponsors for his international races.

Amitabh Bachchan specially invited Comedian Chinni Jayanth to enact his KBC spoof in Mumbai.

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Comedian and mimicry artist Chinni Jayanth was in for a surprise when he received a call from veteran producer/director Ramanathan, a close friend of Amitabh Bachchan. Ramanathan said Bachchan had invited Chinni to repeat his spoof of the popular show Kaun Banega Crorepati in Mumbai.

This was after Chinni won applause for his KBC spoof during a felicitation function for Chief Minister M Karunanidhi. The programme took place in the city recently and Amitabh Bachchan was a special invitee.

The skit in Tamil-accented Hindi had Big B in splits. Director Ramanathan told Chinni how Amitabh went back and shared what he enjoyed about the show with Abhishek and Aishwarya.

Actually Amitabh had asked Kamal Haasan about him and called him at the end of the felicitation function to hug him to say he appreciated his work. It was a touching gesture for Chinni, who is glad to have left a lasting impression on Big B. Excerpt of the skit Asking Big B to excuse his Hindi, Chinni imitates Bachchan to enact his take of a KBC scene.

Here is an excerpt of the scene:

Chinni: Kaun Banega Crorepati mein Amitabh Bachchan apko swagath kartha hoon. Aapka pehla saval. Tera papa ka naam kya hai?
a) Lal Singh b) Gabbar Singh c) Natwar Singh d) Kurnal Singh Participant

Pappu Varma: Shall I use life line and call my mom Reshma?

Mom: (listens to the choices) Is list mein uska naam nahin hein. (the line cuts)

Chinni: Difficult situation. Ab bolo kya jawab hain, Pappu.

Participant: B. Gabbar Singh.

Chinni: Confident. Lock kar doon?

Participant : Yes

Chinni : Galath jawab. Because you are a test tube baby!

Simbu's Party Time.

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Few days ago well known actor Silambarasan specially known as "The Little Superstar or The Young Superstar" celebrated his Birthday in a grand manner. Most of of film fraternity attended the party to felicitate actor Simbu.

As the most expected film of Simbu Vinnaithandi Varuvaya which is directed by Gautham Menon and the music is scored by A.R.Rahman is about to release soon. The music of this film has made it to #1 on the chart and it was the first film from Tamil film industry whose audio launch was held in foriegn country(London, U.K). Iam sure Vinnaithandi Varuvaya will be a massive hit like Vaaranam Aayiram.

Latest buzz about Simbu is that the ace director Mani Ratnam have approached Simbu for his next film and the actor have also agreed to the director without any hesitation.

Vinnaithandi Varuvaya will portray Simbu and Trisha in a different form as Gautham have directed this film in very different manner, waiting to watch this movie in big screen.

I think its one of the awesome party i have ever seen bcos Ultimate Star Ajith Kumar and his wife Shalini Kumar were present and even Sarath Kumar and wife Radhika Sarath Kumar were present at the party.

Other who attended were Director K.S.Ravikumar, Gautham Menon, Venkat Prabhu, Dharani, Bala. Actor Ajith Kumar, Sarath Kumar, Arya, Bharath, Siva, Jai, Premgi, Music Director Yuvan Actress Shalini, Radhika, Trisha and even some serial star were present at party.