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Asal Movie Review.

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The combination of Ajith and Saran again proved to be a hit. Aasal is a huge celebration for all Thala Ajith fans and more over its his 49th film. Ajith is also as co-director of the movie. He is even credited for the story, screenplay and dialogues along with the director Saran and Yuhi Sethu.

Aasal is a complete Ajith centric entertainer with lots of hifi style and sophistication. but the script is weak compared to his previous hit Billa. but the movie does not leave you bored or exasperated. Ajith satisfies his fans, but Saran disappoints a bit with the way he has handled such a great team, better results were definitely on. Visually pleasing with about 2.5 hours of running time, Aasal is will not have you yawning, nor will it have you asking for more.

Aasal been made under Sivaji Productions has all sorts of richness in it. whether it is the sets, or interiors, or the outdoor locations and also with costumes, no expense has been spared. The film is mainly shot in France, with a portion happening in Mumbai. The richness of the streets in France has been transferred beautifully onto screen by Cameraman Prashanth. The camera work keeps the viewer visually pleased, partially compensating for flaws in the script. Action should have been better. Only the fight between Ajith and Kelly close to the interval stirs up excitement, it is plain on all other occasions. Music by Bharadwaj does not lend any strength to the movie, except Dushyantha and the BGM looks pretty unimaginative.

Aasal is all about Ajith and his persona. Ajith, the star, has been given more importance than the script itself. But the star have carried role with ease. He strides the screen with ease, having a presence that only few others can boast off. His looks in every frame is so stylish what to say, the hairstyle, the sideburns and the cigar really suit him well. In fact, Ajith’s presence is one of the main factors that stops one from getting bored. Sampath, Rajeev Krishna and Pradeep Rawat have done their jobs as villains without too great an impact. Sameera Reddy has done her role pretty well in the movie, but the scope for performance is quite less. Bhavana looks cute in a role that demands only as much. She however impresses with her dance moves in the first part of the Dushyantha song. The silent tussle between Sameera and Bhavana over who gets Ajith is cute and Saran could have extended it a bit. Yuhi Sethu have tried hard on few comic moments, succeeding partially on the rare occasion. Last but not least Prabhu is a dignified presence have done his role very suoerb.

Coming to the story, Its about the vendetta between three brothers over their family property, Sampath Kumar and Rajeev Krishna are the two brothers on one side with their extreme greed over their wealth with the righteous third trying to stop the family from breaking down. The third brother who is the righteous one, is none other than Ajith Kumar. The vendatta that exists as an undercurrent in the presence of their father (Ajith again) turns to the worst and personal after he passes away. It grows bigger with the two brothers joining in to elbow out Ajith. He graciously steps aside, only wanting to keep cordial relations. But, the two brothers are just not able to handle the huge wealth and the responsibility that it brings. Their wealth attracts all sorts of trouble and it is then our ultimate star Ajith who come's in and save his brothers. Do things end there or does the vendetta continue, does their wealth disintegrate the family and how does Ajith conquer all the odds tofind out watch the movie in the theater.

For all the Thala fans its a visually treat for you. Don't miss it.


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