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Ajith at MRF Racing Challenge 2010

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Ajith had some technical fault in his vehicle due to which he was pulled out of the MRF Racing Challenge 2010.

Ajith walked out of the last two rounds after his vehicle developed that technical fault.

Thousands of Ajith's fans were gathered to see their star's performance at the race were totally disappointed after he was pulled off from the race.

Some angry fans even went of rampage tearing down the banners, shouting some slogans. Ajith grabbed the mic as the situatuin went out of control, Ajith managed to mollify the angry crowd and asked the to stay calm so the race can continue.

After star requested giving respect to his words the angry crowd settled down and allowed the race to finish.

Ajith's wife Shalini and daughter Anoushka had also come to witness how the star perform at the race.


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