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Mallika in Love Barack

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Mallika Sherawat is making news once again. And this time it's for a wild photo shoot with international photographer Ash Gupta for Studio 838 in Los Angeles. Mallika sported three different looks for this photo shoot, all designed by Hollywood designer Maggie Barry.

While in one of them, the actress is seen draped in the American flag, the other has her canoodling the most powerful man of the world -- US President Barack Obama. No, it's not the President in flesh and blood, but his cutout that she will be romancing. What's notable however, is the kiss mark planted on the cheek of the President's cutout. Another photograph of Mallika shows her in a short white and black dress, adorned with laces and frills In her final avatar, Mallika sports a look, inspired by her Hollywood film, Hisss, where she plays a snake woman.

Incidentally, this campaign is being touted to be part of is being touted to be part of promotional activity for a movie that she has recently signed called Love, Barack.
The film deals with the romance between a Democrat campaign volunteer and her Republican counterpart. Mallika's character, Aretha Gupta, has been inspired by Kamala Harris, who is the district attorney general of San Francisco.

This is what Mallika wrote on her Twitter profile, "Kamala is a great inspiration and to play a part inspired by her is an actress’s dream. I will B ’shadowing’ Harris to research my new movie. It’s an amazing role. I’m working hard at. I’m ready,"

The shooting of the film will be held in Florida, which is Mallika's current base. In one of her tweets, she writes: "Headed to dinner in Beverly Hills with my LB (Love, Barack) director and leading man... lethal combination ;-

Trotter said...
January 31, 2010 at 1:18 PM  

Wow! She's looking great...

Venksh said...
February 3, 2010 at 12:38 PM  

yup she is certainly looking great indeed...

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