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Kareena's Interview.

Recently i just went through Kareena's interview
through a leading news paper, what amazed me was the way she responded for each and everything that was been asked to her.

The one thing that really took me away was when she replied for why she declined her Hollywood offer, this was her reply "People have been talking about Hollywood for years out here, What has come of it? Are we not good enough, that we have to aspire for Hollywood. Come on, I have everything going great for me here. What's Hollywood going to offer me that i don't have? When i'm the queen of Bollywood, why would i want to start from scratch and struggle elsewhere?"

Wow well said, first i thought that she really wasted away her opportunity, but now i don't think so, i guess she did right, Whats there in Hollywood that we don't have, now most of the Hollywood movie production company like the Warner bros, The Walt Disney company have come down to India for producing some movie so i guess we are being recognized in the international market. The day will come when Hollywood people will acting in Bollywood films i gues some of them are already doing it, but still big stars will come down and join them. Hope that day comes soon.


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