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Aegan's music Review.


Aegan is said to big hit for this dee000pavali. The audio launch of Aegan was done in simple manner music director Yuvan Shankar Raja with Hello FM crew launched the audio in Hello FM Studio. Its first time in film industries a music launch takes place in FM Studio.

Produced by: K.Karunamurthi and C.Arunpandian.
Directed by: Raju Sundaram.

Cast: Ultimate star Ajith, Nayantara, Jayaram, Nasser, Suman, Suhasini, M.S.Baskar.

As we all know Aegan is remake for SRK's Main Hoon Na where SRK plays army officer, lets see how Ajith plays it out.
Iam sure this role will suit Ajith because its action come comedy filled
which ajith does it easily.

There are 6 tracks in which one is remix.

Hey Saalaa.
Singers: Blaaze, Naresh Iyyar, Mohd Aslam.
This song starts Aram Porul inbam and later starts with superb beats. The Vocal is so powerful and vigorous which makes this as the title song. Afast song which talks about the today's fast life. Seems like its more of hip-hop style. To end the song Yuvan has used flute and other classical instrument which makes you feel a classical touch at the end.

Singers: Suvi, Ujjaini, Sathyan, Ranjith, Naveen
This song is perfect teen song with beats like the one Michael Jackson used in his songs. Seems like perfect college goer's song with english words in middle which makes much more funcky. all the college goer teen will love this track.

Hey Baby.
Singers: Shankar Mahadevan.
This track is nice jazz one. with superb Trunpets and also suberb use of keyboard. Drums and other instrument combination is really soothing. Again good use of flute in this song.

Odum Varaiyil.
Singers: KK,Bela Shende.
This track is a heavy rhythm one with electric and acoustic guitar, keyboard and others. It's kinda peppy song which is started by KK and Bela goes with different mood of singing and later KK joins Bela. This track cannot be said as the love track.

Kichu Kichu.
Singers: Vasundhara Das, Yuvan Shankar Raja.
This track is some what like arabic in tune. The chorus is soothing and later Vasundhara takes from the chorus. Yuvan follows Vasundhara voice, these people combination is too good. one cant identify all the instrument used in this song. the violin part is soft and too good. The total tune of this song goes up and down which makes it awesome.

Hey Saalaa.
Its the same song one repeated again.
This track is slighly different from the previous one. Quite difficult to classify.

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