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Naan Kadavul Music Review.

Naan Kadavul a movie that made every fan of director Bala to wait for nearly more than a year. Bala who's other name is perfectionist no matter who the hero is he will make them to so the shot again till he gets satisfied. Mostly Bala's movie gets selected for National award or atlest the star cast would bagg National award, hope Arya gets it through this movie.
Bala is also known for giving break or career to the hero, his first movie Sethu (1999) which was a massive hit and was a great break for Vikram. There after Vikram changed his to Chiyaan Vikram. Bala's next movie was Nandha (2001), a career bost for surya which really potraid him as a real action hero, in this movie surya would have used more of face expression rather of dailogue. Bala's third movie Pithamagan (2003) which was a real hit for both the hero Surya and Vikram almost most of the award was bagged by this movie at the period of time Vikram even got National aaward for his acting as a Undertaker in this movie.

After a long wait for nearly years Bala have come with this Naan Kadavul.
A story which is totally based on the holy town Varanasi, Naan Kadavul is all about GOD inside the human.

Star Cast:
Arya - Rudran.
Pooja - Hamsavalli

Music Director : Music Mastro Ilaiyaraaja.
Lyrics : Kavignar Vaali.
Dialogue : Jayamohan.

One thing is that Bala never missed Ilaiyaraaja as the music director for his movie out of three movie he directed two mega hit movie was done with Ilaiyaraaja. Nandha's music was scored by Yuvan Shankar Raja.

When it comes to movie like this i feel that no one, other than Music Mastro can score the music for the movie, His music will the give the perfect feel which will the match the story. Music Mastro would excel in any style that is given to him, Devotional to Retro anything is easy for him, For nearly a decade he rulled Tamil Cinema with his music. All those music are atill evergreen now most of his songs are been remaked, even if it is remaked it cant stand upto the original.

Mastro has scored 6 songs in this movie.

1. Om Siva Om.
Vocal: Vijay Prakash

This song is totaly kind of devotional song on Lord Siva, Kavignar Vaali has written this song where he has praised Siva in beautiful manner, music of this is very superb a perfect balance in using most of the instruments like drums, Sankha, fascinating Tabla work and some amount of Native percussion, Rudram is one thing you will hear in the whole song. Its a song where you will imagine Lord Siva dancing Thandava over the beats thats been composed. A good work done by Vijay Prakash.

2. Kannil Paarvai
Vocal: Shreya Ghoswal.

Its a kind of gentle pathos song where Shreya Shoswal has showed her talent. This song has a gentle touch of Hindustan music, Shreya goes to a high pitch which is really superb. Violin is used which seens to suit the mood and is nice. At the start of the song dilruba is been used, i guess it's a perfect start. The Dholak like rhythm is used to suit the mood of the song.

3 Matha Un Kovilil.
Vocal: Madhimitha

Its a tiny number with native rhythm. This song seems like one of old tune, its very good to hear the mastro in action after a long time.

4 Amma Un Pillai Naan.
Vocal: Sadhana Sargam

Its again a sober number like the third song with different feel of rhythms, Sadhana have done a superb work in this song, Mastro has used violin veena, some guitar and keyboard also with other instrument. A superb dramatic song that of a woman crying out against loneliness.

5 Oru Kaatril Alaiyum
Vocal: Ilaiyaraja

The mastro he himself has sung this number its almost same as the song number two. Feels flattered to hear Ilaiyaraaja after Shreya Ghoswal. The words have come much clear in Mastro's version. A superb song to hear.

6 Pitchai Paathiram.
Vocal: Madhu Balakrishnan

This song was taken from Ilayaraaja's old album which was composed for Sri Ramana Maharshi, in the original album Mastro he himself have sung it out some changes have done as compared to the origina, the song can be discribed as "The cry of a deeply anguished soul in search of lasting peace" nice work by Madhu Balakrishnan. Tabla is used mostly in this song which came out very nice suiting the mood of the song even violin and flute is also used, A different kinda of guitar is also used its sounds more of like native stlye. If can try to hear original one of this song Mastro's voice is very superb and if you are die hard fan of Mastro you will love it to the core.

The songs have come out very nicely which suits the theme of the movie, the movie is expected as a serious kind with reference to the music, but i came across some article long ago that this movie also contains comedy may not as a seperate track but mingled with the movie. Bala is also known for timing comedy which he used in all of his movie. Karunas was introdused as comedian in Nandha, Pithamagan comedy was really awesome Laila was too good really perfect for that kinda role.
Waiting for movie to come on to the big screen, Hope i get tickets for the movie this Pongal.

Dr J Vijay Venkatraman said...
January 5, 2009 at 9:48 AM  


That was a nice review! Just a correction: The lyricist of the song 'Pitchaippaatthiram' is Ilaiyaraaja and not Vaali.

Sudha said...
January 5, 2009 at 11:12 AM  

Hi!Ky, you have given an excellent overview of the songs of the movie and there is no doubt the music as well the movie is going to be the biggest hit of this year. But I personally dont like to watch Bala's movie as it gives me a depressed feeling. I feel that we go for movies to relax and get some change from the day to day routine but in Bala's movie am sure will come out of the theatre very depressed and unhappy.... This is my personal opinion.

Christo said...
January 5, 2009 at 7:30 PM  

Hey nice review but pls check out ur first image. its not Ajith Kumar. Its Arya

! ky said...
January 5, 2009 at 9:24 PM  

@ Dr J Vijay: u r rite even i cross checked, its Ilayaraaja not vaali, the song was taken from Ilayaraaja's album composed for Sri Ramana Maharshi where the Mastro he himself have sung the song check out that then you will like that more than this.

@Susan: What can i say abt ur comment u r always great. Hey post more snaps of ur trip.

@Christo: Hey dude thankx, so where is ur blog u deleted it or what was't able to c it.

mgopi said...
February 7, 2009 at 10:27 AM  


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