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Principle of Mahatma Gandhi in our real life.

Director R Balakrishnan, who had directed the film Kamaraj, a period film based on the life of Kamaraj, now he's back working on another film. The film is titled as Mudhalvar Mahatma. The director said that Mudhalvar Mahatma will not be period film like the Kamaraj but is an imagination of what would happen if Mahatma Gandhi comes back to life. Kanagaraj is going to the role of Mahatma Gandhi, who closely resembles Ghandiji. Based on the political situations and keeping in mind the younger generation, i guess this movie will Mahatma as the CM of the state and will based what if Mahatma rules the state will be the state of the movie, this is just my point of view. Mudhalvar Mahatma will have no song sequences, says the director.

Gandhiji’s Vardha Seva Ashram was erected by art director Easwar. the shooting of Mudhalvar Mahatma has been started in Thirupporur.


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