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Rambha to Marry a young business tycoon Indhiran.

Kollywood is abuzz with rumors that glam star Rambha will soon tie the knot with the owner of an international sanitary-ware brand, Magick Woods, for which the actress is the brand ambassador. The wedding will take place at Tirupathi on December 27.

A booking for a wedding hall has been made in Rambha's name at the ThirumalaTirupathi Temple.Several cottages have also been booked for the same day. Rambha's, her family members confirmed the news but added that discussions are still on with the bridegroom's family. The name of the groom to be is Indhiran, which has thrilled Rambha, since in mythology, Rambha is the celestial dancer in Indhiran's heavenly court.

Indhiran is a Tamilian living in Canada who came to Rambha's house three months ago to sign Rambha for his product as he had planned to launch the brand in India. Since his company was one of the top 10 in Canada, Rambha agreed to be a brand ambassador.

Later, there were raised eyebrows when the company presented Rambha with a BMW latest series. In fact, it was a pleasant surprise for all of Rambha's family members when he gifted her the car. But there was no sign of anything else, nor did he approach Rambha's family members with a proposal at that time. Subsequently, the actress travelled to Canada to launch their series of shops.

Only last week, the 37-year-old businessman made a visit to Rambha's house and expressed to her parents his desire to marry her. "He said that he has been nurturing this idea of marrying Rambha for quite some time and was just waiting for the right time to speak out. Rambha's family members told him that they would discuss it with Rambha and get back to him," The actress has agreed to marry the good looking Indhiran.

If all goes according to plan, the Rambha and Indhiran will tie the knot on December 27 this year.

Sudha said...
November 25, 2009 at 4:57 AM  

That is a good news! :)

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