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Deepika Padukone takes over Katrina Kaif

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The glam factor is all set to rise this IPL. While Royal Challengers had Katrina Kaif as their brand ambassador last season, a new war has been sparked off for that position. "There have been constant rumors claiming that Deepika Padukone has replaced Katrina as the new brand ambassador. Katrina is miffed with the news as her contract is on for two more years. The fact that Deepika, a girl from Bengaluru, will be attending the first match to support her home team has not gone down well with Katrina. The two have a cold war going on ever since Deepika broke off with Ranbir and there were rumors that Ranbir was dating Katrina. Katrina is fuming and has spoken to officials to clear the matter. She does not want Deepika involved in anything to do with the match.


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