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Saif Ali Khan in Dhoom 3

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SRK’s loss might be Saif’s gain when it comes to the next Dhoom installment. Yash Raj has news to the banner, adding that he won’t be able to give dates till late next year.

Since the Chopra's wanted to it to be trying to get the third installment, of their successful franchise, on the floors for quite some time now and Adi Chopra has finally settled on the script.

But like most Yash Raj projects, even before the script is ready, they are engrossed in the stylization and casting of the film. Since it was the baddies, John and Hrithik, who stole the show in the last two flicks, the Chopras wanted to go bigger and better this time. So they could only think of Shah Rukh Khan to play the lead.

But SRK, after his shoulder surgery and the regular strain on his back, has decided to not do movies with excessive action scenes. That effectively rules out Dhoom for him.

He has apparently conveyed the a quickie project, with a strong hero, who’d have dates at his disposal, they settled on Saif. There has already been a verbal agreement between them.

Don’t be surprised if the Chopras head to Kareena’s door next, asking her to sign up for the project. After all it’s these gimmicks that make the film.


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