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3 Crores just in 30 minutes for A.R.Rehman


Every step he takes earns him millions and millions, Recently Canara Bank officials wanted to convey their congratulations for ARR, winning the Academy award. ARR invited the officials cordially and they chatted for a while. As we all know ARR is a funn loving person and asked the officials "Won't you allot bank loan for me? I just need Rs. 3Crores."

Within 30 minutes of time, the processes worked stunningly faster than an ATM Machine and the loan was sanctioned. Although, ARR totted up he asked for fun, but the bank officials never backed off and handed the cheque amount on his hand.

Just think only 30 minutes to sanction a loan worth Rs. 3Crores. Will it happen for any of us if we apply for bank loan at Canara Bank not worth Rs. 3Crores at least worth 50 to 75 lakhs, i don't mind even if they take a days time rather 30 minutes, i guess even for this you need to be world famous like ARR. Even if you win Kaun Banega Crorepati you can only win Rs. 2 Crores which might take 1 hour or sometimes a week time when the episode shall be continued next week.


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