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John has gone naked in movie New York.


After flaunting trunks in Dostana, John Abraham has gone naked in New York. And, this comparison is what has been driving filmmaker Kabir Khan and John nuts.

John clarified, “Many questions have been asked about the scene, but my nudity has no reference to what I have done in Dostana.” yup i totally agree when you watch the movie everyone will feel the same. I just got lucky that i some how saw the making for the film New York in tv. I saw all the stunts that John did it was really superb and homework which he did before some stunts was really awsome.

Director Kabir Khan totally praised John and also Neel Nitin Mukesh for some scene where these two really took pain and did so that it gives the natural feel. But at the end of the day, who got more applause was Irfan Khan. The director said that Irfan will make you work everyday. He has this unique thing of asking question about anything about the character or anything, he will frame it in such a way that he will make you answer it out.

every shot was made to look like perfect when Irfan was there. Irfan really noted each and every small small key things which really added more perfection to the shot. Many in the bollywood industry liked Irfan being in the film because he will help to make the film look more better and perfect. I prefer saying that he is less actor and more of asst director.

Looking forward to watch this film soon.


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