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Paa Movie Review

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Amitabh Bachchan, 67, as Auro, 13, is convincing, compelling, adorable, cocky and will live with us forever. Paa is a touching and delightful story of bright, cute, plucky Auro. Born with progeria, a progressive genetic disorder that causes accelerated aging, Auro is 13 but lives in a 60-70 year-old-body with all its attendant complications and more. Auro lives with his gynaecologist mother Vidya (Vidya Balan), grandmom Bum ("because she has a big bum"), and goes to school where he has several friends.
Auro doesn't know but self righteous MP Amol Arte (Abhishek Bachchan) is his father. We meet Auro when he wins the first prize in a school competition and the trophy is handed over by Amol. Media present at the event is intrigued by the strange-looking Auro and land up in school next day to film the freak. Amol calls to apologise and Auro says he'd like to visit Rashtrapati Bhawan. A date is fixed.

Flashback to Oxford where Vidya is studying to be a doctor, and son-of-politician Amol is studying to be a politician.
The two run into each other and are soon making out in train coupes and restaurants. Condoms, on which Amol will later deliver a speech, aren't close at hand, so they go ahead anyway. Vidya is pregnant.
Vidya takes the next flight home and delivers her baby under her supportive mother's tender love and care.
Amol thinks the baby has been aborted. Full marks to director R.Balki for keeping a sad story low on maudlin and high on fun. It helps that Auro has the funniest dialogues and a cool lingo that's easy to connect with. The in-joke, the knowledge that Amitabh is Abhishek's father, makes their interaction fun.

Paa's problems lie in its second track. Considerable amount of time is spent on Amol and his jung. It's unnecessary, inept and irritates by wasting time that could have been spent in Auro's world.
Amol's character is supremely smug and Abhishek delivers bhashans with one single expression that says: "I look like a dude but what I'm saying is seriously significant and very deep".

Vidya Balan is understated, lovely and sexy. Sabyasachi has done a wonderful job matching her stunning cotton saris with gorgeous blouses. Very desi, very chic. Paresh Rawal hardly has a role, Arundhati Naag is good and the kid who plays Vishnu is great.

Illayaraja's music is fabulous, especially the violin version of Auro Theme.

Though there are moments you feel Auro is behaving and talking like an adult, in the end you don't really care. He is the star of the show.

Mr Balki, could we have a sequel, please. And this time, dump the dad and call it Auro.


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