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Yogi Movie Review.

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CAST: Ameer, Madhumitha, Vincent Asokan, Kanja Karuppu , Snehan, Devaraj
DIRECTION: Subramaniam Shiva

Ameer has proved once again that action is his forte. After wielding the megaphone for the rustic tale of a valourous youth in Parutthi Veeran, Ameer now tells the story of an angry young man, set in a Chennai slum in Yogi.
The film, largely inspired by the Oscar-winning Tsotsi, deals with the element of humanity present even in a man who appears to have no emotions. Kudos to director Subramaniam Shiva.

The filmmaker's work deserves praise. Ameer has stood by him not just with his consummate acting, but also by contributing with his screenplay and dialogues.
There are times when one can see the director in him overshadowing the actor Ameer.

The movie unfolds in the narrow lanes of the Chennai slums.
Yogi (Ameer), born and brought up in this seedy environment, spends his time with his three pals including Parattayan (lyricist Snehan). They thrive on robbery and even commit the occasional murder.

When they rob a hotel one night, the quartet gets chased by cops. Yogi gives them the slip by driving away in a car parked outside a fruit shop. Later, he is shocked to find a baby in the vehicle. Yogi decides to take the baby with him and gradually develops a soft corner for the infant. Yogi persuades a young slum mother, Raja Sulochana (Madhumitha) who's been deserted by her husband, to breastfeed the baby.

Meanwhile the cops are hunting for the hotel heist culprits as well as the kidnappers of the baby. The baby's real mother, Caroline (Swathy) is desperate to get her child back. Her husband Linden (Vincent Asokan), who married her knowing fully well that the baby was not his, decides to find the baby and kill it.

At this point, Yogi's brutal past is revealed through a flashback.
He is tortured by his father (Devaraj), a beggar. His mother ends her life and his sister is beaten to death by his father right before his eyes.

Finally, Yogi feels remorse for the baby's mother and decides to give her back the child. But a twist in the tale makes it difficult for him to take his decision.

Ameer's portrayal of Yogi is convincing. The man who has brought out the acting skills of many, has played his part well.
He is at ease before the camera.

Madhumitha is equally impressive and steals the limelight in a unique role, that hasn't been seen before in Kollywood.

Vincent Asokan, Swathy, Devaraj, Snehan, Ponvannan and Kanja Karuppu among others play their part well. Gurudev and Devaraj's cinematography and Yuvan Shankar Raja's background score deserve special mention. They are the pillars of the movie. Produced by Ameer, Yogi is a movie that is remarkably different from the clich├ęs that have become a staple these days.


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