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SRK Kajol and Yash Chopra once again will be back in Action.

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Buzz has it that Yash Chopra, who has not made a film for some time now, is roping in Shah Rukh Khan again for a lead role in the film he is soon to direct.

The director has already spoken to SRK who is rescheduling his dates for Don 2 as Yash Chopra wants to start the film by the end of this year.

Talks are also on with Kajol who will acting in the movie with SRK.

Trotter said...
March 13, 2010 at 1:57 AM  

Hi Kven! That will be an excellent movie, surely: she looks great!!

Blogtrotter 2 is still in Jamaica, waiting your comments. ;) Enjoy and have a great weekend!!

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