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Day 1 out of my 5 days Awesome Tour.


On 25th April i my parents and one of my cousin Kartik started from Porur after afternoon lunch at 3pm. We were going to attend my grandfather's first death anniversary function. Actually my dad had planned to attend that function later my mom joined after that i joined if they hire a cab. Then my sister came in to the sinario and gave her car so now no need of any cab. Then my cousin joined as we both were awesome on long drive. But till the last moment i did't get confirmation for my holidays but somehow got it at the last moment.

Started at 4pm from Adyar after we met my sister and my niece on the way, she was so haapy that we finally made it happen to visit native together after longtime. I was driving at the start and the funny part is i had only learning license though i started driving 4 years ago when i was in college was too lazy to get a license but still managed to get LLR for then it got expired and i did't even notice it by the time i did it was too late, then somehow got it for the second time also lol.

AMBAGARATTUR is my native 13.8 km from Karaikal. west of Karaikal-Peralam road. My native is famous for Bhadrakaliamman temple. The Bhadrakaliamman god is too huge and very scary if you look at her for the first time. Twelve days annual festival celebrated during May-June attracts many thousands of devotees. The festival is accompanies by a fair to cater to the visiting throng. But from chennai its exactly 304KM away.

Driving at ECR was really funn but very risky too. Kept average speed of 90 to 100 so that we could reach Pondicherry as soon as posible. Exactly at 6:30pm we were at Pondicherry, one of the most interesting thing about Pondicherry is everything over there is cheap as compared other place bcos its union territory, from Petrol to Licor its very cheap we filled full tank of petrol bcos its just Rs.38.60 when compared to chennai its Rs.5 less and this difference does matters when you fill in bulk. Took some Picture's of Pondichery enterance it superb bcos most of hte buildings in Pondy is build on French architecture and even now you can find some French people living out there or enjoyin their vacation.
I was driving till cuddalore, as we reached cuddalore it was almost 8pm had our dinner out there and after that my cousin Kartik started to drive as i wanted some rest. We changed our route as we reached Chidambram we started towards Mayiladuthurai rather going to Karaikal, bcos Mayiladuthurai road condition was good for night driving and one of the shortest as compared to other, then via Peralam we reached Ambagarattur.

My Granny was awake till we reached home, it was 11:45pm and was very happy to see me after a very longtime, the moment she saw me she started "you have grown up so big i guess its time for me to search a nice gal for you to get married happily" everyone else was busy arranging all the things for the function and my uncle(Dad's brother) had planned to offer free lunch for everybody in the town after the function.

It was 1:30am almost everybody slept but i was still awake could't sleep was thinking about all good old memories, suddenly i saw my uncle was working alone i went to see what he was doing, he saw me and asked for help to lift 50kg jute bag containg rice that has to be cooked tomorrow for lunch after the function. Had to lift 24 50kg jute bags which made to sweat like anything i was totally wet had to take bath again, it was almost 2:30am when i went back to sleep my body was paining to the core after lifing those jute bag.

GMG said...
May 1, 2009 at 7:45 AM  

Hi Kven! TGIF and a holiday here!!
I see you're having your holiday! Grea trip, wonderful post, lots of learning here!!!

Blogtrotter is still turning around Vilnius waiting for your comments. Enjoy and have a great long weekend!

! ky said...
May 8, 2009 at 4:05 AM  

hey Gil thankx for ur comment...

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