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Cast: Ratthan, Manju, Kota Srinivasa Rao, Rajan P Dev, Abhinay etc

Director: Sri Hari
Music Director: Jack Anand

Producer: Shankar V Raajhan

This movie is about the transfor-mation of friendship into love. The same old story Karthik (Ratthan, is the son of makeup man Babu) andAnitha (Manju) are childhood friends and their families too are fond of each other. Karthik’s father Ramachandran (Kota Srinivasa Rao) is a widower and he dotes on his only son. Even though Karthik and Anitha are inseparable in college, they’re often at loggerheads with each other but Anitha realises that she’s in love with Karthik only after her wedding is fixed with another man (Abhinay).

This is when Karthik also realises his feelings for her and becomes very restless. Ramachandran learns about his son’s feelings when he comes across a ten rupee note on which Karthik has expressed his love but i is too late, ridden with guilt as he’s unable to fulfill his son’s wish, he dies of a heart attack.

Following this, Anitha’s parents ask Karthik to move in with them, but he finds it difficult to live there as her wedding preparations are in full swing. Unable to go through the ordeal, Karthik takes up a job in Bengaluru but by mistake he leaves behind the currency note which Anitha notices, the rest of the story is all about how love triumphs in the end.

The hero Ratthan has played his role with conviction and but his acting skills is not that much perfect he just raw and has to learn alot.

Manju fits the role to a tee but has to improve on the emotional scenes. She should also be careful with her make-up, hair style and costumes which look outdated. The first half of the story moves slowly but picks up momentum later. Debut director Sri Hari has made a sensitive story but he must be appreciated for not remaking to going for some commercial masala cinema.

If you are bored about watching same old face want something then just watch this movie but dont expect something big out of it, can watch, for the comedy and friendship between Karthik and Anitha


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