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Mayilsamy Annadurai from ISRO visits Peranmai shooting.


Mayilsamy Annadurai chairman of the Chandrayan mission of ISRO visits Peranmai shooting as the director of the movie S.P. Jananathan had invited Mayilsamy to have a look at their set resembling a rocket launching station that was erected for the movie. Art director V. Selvakumar who was the man behind the set, got the credit for such wonderful job but i dont understand what could be in the movie that needed a rocket launching station that to as real as the original one and more over why the director wanted the respected chairman Mayilsamy to visit and say if everything is proper.

Peranmai has many things that has to be noticed:

1. Jeyam Ravi has lost quite a few pounds and have developed six pack abs thats one of the greatest thing that will make people to watch this movie.

2. Roland Kickinger is the villan in Peranmai, Roland Kickingeris the present relasement to the famous Arnold Schwarzenegger for the now legendary Terminator series.

3. The movie has five heroines Saranya, Tanusika, Varsha
, Vasundra, Liyasreeas and Jeyam Ravi being the only Hero lol.

4. Jeyam Ravi plays One-Man-Army in the film, i guess Jeyam Ravi is pla nning to become Sylvester Stallone of Kollywood.

This film also has an elephant which has played a very important role in the movie.

6. Jeyam Ravi is a forrest officer who fights terrorists who enter
the country with the help of these five heroines.

7. After this movie Jeyam Ravi will be getting married, as this movie will be his last movie as a bachelor, so it will be kinda bachelor party for his female fans and others.


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