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Endhiran Shooting starts...


As the poster of Endhiran was released the whole crew of endhiran flew to Peru via Dubai to start he shooting. Superstar Rajini will be doing a double role in this movie. One as a human being another as a Robot.

Superstar have asked to give equal amount of importance to Aishwarya Rai Bachchan as it is given to him.

The poster shows Robo Rajini with a metal cap on head and a red rose which is the highlight of the poster.

Endhiran is Shankar's dream project lets see how does goes on. Hope it does't work like kuselan.

Music: A.R.Rehman has given two songs as of now for which Superstar Rajini and Aishwarya will doin the shoot.

Produced by: Ayngaran International and also Eros International

Cinematograpgh by: R Ratnavelu.

Art Direction by: Sabu syril.

Lyrics by: Vairamuthu.

Choreograpy by: Raju Sundaram.

Costume design by: Manish Malhotra.

Some inetersting facts that some of world famous technical persons working in this movie.

Mary E Vogt who designed secientific costume for famous movies like MIB (Men In Black), Batman Returns is going to design for Robot.

Stan Winston Studio from USA did the animation for Predator, Perl Harbour, Iron Man etc, is now going to do animation for Endhiran.

Yuen Woo Ping who was key person for the stunts in Matrix, Kill Bill will be working for Endhiran.

Many other foreign companies is working VFX of this movie Endhiran.

I guess time time to show Hollywood that we Indians can produce movies like they use to do it. Thanks to Shankar and Superstar Rajinikant combination which serioulsy ROCKS.


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