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Saroja movie review.

Saroja a venkat prabu's film which is considered as thriller movie of this month. This movie has excellent tag line which says the outline of the story "One ordinary day Four ordinary men One extraordinary occurance."

It's a one day story that occurs within this 4 ordinay men, They are S.P.B Charan, Siva, Premji Amaran, Vaibhav. who try to watch a cricket match in Hydrabad, they drive over to Hydrabad but due to heavy traffic they return home while coming home they find a shortcut, thats where the story has a turning point. This four men miss their path and land in a place where a murder took place.

Now as these four men have seen this murder they are drawn in. then the story goes very interesting where this prople try to escape from this.

The murder had took place in some old factory which was a hideout of some gangster who chase this four men. These people hide in this factory not even know that this place belongs to them who is to kill them out.

Director Venkat Prabu has done a good job because it's a different movie with a story of one day's occurrence .

Audio songs are really superb specially that Dost bada Dost song.

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