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Vinay's second movie Jayamkondaan


Vinay's second movie Jayamkondaan proves that he can do action roles also. Jayamkondaan is a very time pass movie which can be watched with whole family. From comedy to action and from songs to sentiment everything is good in this movie.

Cast: Vinay, Bhavana, Lekha Washington, Vivek, Santhanam, Nizhalgal Ravi, Cochin Haneefa.

Director: R.Kannan.

Music director: Vidhyasagar.

Producer: T.G.Thyagarajan.

Vinay works in London and comes back to Chennai after his dad's death. He tries to settle in chennai with an idea of setting his own business in chennai. To start this business he needs a huge amount. He goes to a bank where his father had saved some money which he tries to invest in his business. As he approaches the bank there comes the twist in the movie where he finds that there is no money left.

Later he finds that he have a stepmother and a stepsister. Then finds that his father had bought a house in Madurai with the money he sent to him. Vinay tries to sell that property to start his business even his stepsister tries to sell the property so that she can pursue her higher studies in MIT USA. Mean while Vinay goes to Mudrai to see the property where he finds Nizhalgal Ravi staying over there with his daughter Bhavana. Vinay meets Bhavana and their love story goes on. Finally Vinay somehow manages Ravi to vacate his house and tries to sell the property.
There again a twist in story his stepsister lands over there and creates a problem while selling the property and thats where the villan enters the story the first half of the movie gets over.

In the second half Vinay comes to chennai and the fight between his sister goes on, and the villan tries to search Vinay and tries to kill him for what he did in Madurai. In between Bhavana comes to chennai for her vollyball match and meets Vinay and his friends Vivek and others. The movies goes and then in climax villan finally meet Vinay and start taking revenge for he did to him which is suspense to know that watch the movie.

Santhanam comedy is superb it is shown when Vinay goes to Madurai, Vivek also goes equally good in this movie. Climax is where it proves that Vinay can do action role. The movie is directed in Mani Ratnam style because director Kannan had worked as his assistance so would have the impact on this movie.

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