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Rock On Movie Rocks the Bollywood.


Rock On which was directed by Abishek Kapoor turned to be a sucessful hit in Bollywood which rocks as it is tittled.

The story is all about chasing your dream no matter what stops your way you hit the road till you achive it.

This movie is Faran's debut movie in which he has proven his talent.

Rock On Cast: Faran Akhtar as (Aditya Shroff), Arjun Rampal as (joe Mascarenhas), Purab Kohli as (KD aka Killer Drummer), Luke Kenny as (Rob), Prachi Desai as (Sakshi) and Shahana Goswami as (Debbie).

Music Director: Shankar Mahadevan, Ehsaan Noorani, Loy Mendonca

The story goes like this, the four guys are very cool friends who try to form a rock band called "Magik" of their own and struggle to come up and show how talented. As they get opportunity lots of misunderstands starts between them at the day of shooting Joe gets angry and hits the album director and aditya, which makes them split and they go on their own way leaving the band. After 10 years Aditya's wife Prachi finds his old friends in a jwellery shop where she comes to know that Aditya is superb singer. Then she finds some old photo's of Magik band which aditya had kept in box safely.

Then she tries to unite this Rock band by calling all the other three guys for a suprise birthday party of Aditya's.

Then some everything becomes normal they form the band again and try to hit the Channel 'V' Rock band contest and they win again.

The story has some impacts of Faran's other movie Dil Chahta Hai. Faran again hit the youth for a superb movie. Faran have also sung 6 tracks in this movie.

Hope Faran still comes back very soon with another youthful subject and bring back our old memories fresh.

Nine music tracks which makes everyone to just rock on.

1. Phir Dekhi (Caralisa)
2. Pichle Saat Dinom Mein (Faran Akhtar)

3. Pichle Saat Dinom Mein - 1 (Faran Akhtar)

4. Rock On (Faran Akhtar)

5. Sinbad The Sailor (Faran Akhtar, Raman Mahadevan)

6. Socha Hai (Faran Akhtar)

7. Tum Ho Toh (Faran Akhtar)

8. Ye Tumhaari Meri Baatein (Dominique)

9. Zehreeley (Suraj Jagan)

Faran you really Rock.


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