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J.K.Ritish's Nayagan


J.K Ritish what a man. He has shown people that its just 1 man you need to solve all the problem which occurs in our city.

Everyone might have seen the famous hollywood movie cellular, Nayagan base story is same as cellular, Director haschurned out a magic that he made us forget that this movie is remake of cellular. The film is total action packed script adding social issues with the story.

'Vegam' was the first movie which was the remake of cellular in which S.V. Sekar's son Ashwin Sekar had done the lead role. But belive me Nayagan is much better that this Vegam.

At the starting of the movie J.K.Ritish wont be doing that well. But after that his action thunder starts flowing till the end of movie. Ritish also tried to do some comic sequence in this movie with his funny get-up in the tittle song which did't work out that much as expected. The other kuthu song was also did't work out. But the erotic song featuring Ramana and Keerthi Chawala had come out excellent which grabs everyone's attention.

The movie is't that bad can be watched once for J.K.Ritish's action and other stuff.

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