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Akshay Kumar mistaken for Nicolas Cage.

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Apna Khiladi Kumar aka Akshay was mistaken for Nicolas Cage recently. Sajid Nadiadwala was shooting for Kambakkht Ishq when he happened to come across the set of Fast and Furious in Hollywood's Universal Studios, and one of the film's famous cars was on the set so Sajid quickly got his unit to shoot Akshay's action scene there.

Apparently, upon seeing the Fast and Furious car and the set, sightseeing tourists confused Akshay for Nicolas Cage. They all began screaming `Nicolas! Nicolas!' and waving excitedly at him. Poor Akshay did not know what to do, so he just politely waved back at them, hoping that they would know that he's Akshay Kumar and not Nicolas Cage.


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