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Modhi Vilayadu Movie Review

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CAST: Vinay, Kajal Agarwal, Kalabhavan Mani, Santhanam, Yuva, Haneefa etc


The break that Saran took after his box office success Vattaram seems to have been worthwhile. His new film Modhi Vilayadu has all the makings of becoming a hit what with a well picked group of actors, a good screenplay and stylish rendition.

Kalabhavan Mani plays Rajan Vasudev who is the millionaire owner of the OPM Group of companies. This globetrotting business magnate has a suave son Uday Vasudev (Vinay) who zips around in his Ferrari and has a good time, thanks to the stash of money which his father gives him.

Uday lives with Madan (Yuva) who is his father's business partner. Rajan Vasudev is very protective about his son and so has a personal security guard (Datu Ram) trail Uday as he parties around the city. Uday's Ferrari is one day dented by the carelessness of a college student L R Eswari (Kajol Agarwal). Uday is livid and decides to punish her in his inimitable style as Eswari does not apologise for damaging his car.

She pays for her carelessness by doing the household chores in Uday's house and while she is straightening out the house, Madan finds himself in love with her. Uday is unaware of this development though.

Uday too now has a soft corner for Eswari which she reciprocates. Madan is oblivious of this triangular development.

Just when Madan and Uday get ready to sort this out with Eswari, tragedy strikes in the form of Rajan's rival who sets out to kill Uday. Unfortunately it is Madan who gets killed.

Rajan's rivals take over Madan's property and Uday finds himself on the streets running for cover and he finally gets to Rajan, who now has a new tale to unfold. Rajan tells Uday that Madan was his true heir and not Uday. Uday understands that he was a mere front for Rajan who wanted to protect his son Madan.

Uday is bewildered at this game playing and resolves to teach Rajan a lesson. With his friends Kadugu (Santhanam) and Chanakya (Cochin Haneefa) Uday lays out a plan. The rest of the film is all about how the plan is executed. The screenplay and plot are well written. Starting with the good-looking Vinay, Kalabhavan Mani the mimicry specialist, Cochin Haneefa and Santhanam who contribute to the comedy sequences, everyone has done their bit to make this film enjoyable.

Vinay's acting skills have vastly improved.

Kajol plays her role to the best of her ability.

The music is yet another highlight of this film ­ with the Hariharan ­ and Leslie Lewis team debuting in Kollywood with music that is young and refreshing. Even though Karun's cinematography is commendable, a slightly faster pace would have added value to this film.


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