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Kollywood Celeb's Now on Twitter.

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A R Rahman, Kamal Haasan, Shriya Saran, Rajinikanth and Namitha, if you were scratching your heads wondering what they all had in common, it’s a little word called ‘Twitter’. But these are not the real stars tweeting bits of their life in real time for their hardcore fans. These are the fake star profiles created by anonymous users across the Internet.

Sometime back, superstar Aishwarya Rai was troubled by constant phone calls after an anonymous user updated her fake profile on Twitter with a message saying ‘Planning to share a secret with my Twitter friends… will update shortly. Similarly, Shahid Kapoor was being impersonated on Twitter by an individual who kept updating fans on his filmy developments.

Lekha Washington who wanted to create twitter profile was shocked to see that someone who had created her fake profile and now she had t0 use different name for creating a profile in twitter. These fake user's not only fool the celebs fans but also create problems for the celebs to choose different name due to someone else using name.
Lekha Washington said: "The biggest charm or the USP of the site is the way it makes everyone feel connected to the star or celeb they follow Everything that he or she posts can be updated on your mobile phone or your laptop. It’s almost like having a running commentary on someone’s life. I haven’t really started catching up on the lives of any celebrities per se. But if Shah Rukh Khan and Angelina Jolie start tweeting, you can count me in.”

Actor-cum- singer Shruti Haasan, who is also a Twitter bug says “All my friends in the US are huge fans of the portal, so even I joined in. I do post my tweets occasionally but I am pretty low-key when it comes to following a celebrity. However, if Madonna started tweeting, I would be online all the time.”

Even AR Rahman Twitter page was among the first to inform several fans of the composer receiving a membership invitation to join the Academy of Motion Pictures Arts and Sciences.

Before following a celeb should check if that person's profile is fake one or real. Just blindly following is of no use.


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