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Vamanan Movie Review

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According to the Hindu mythology Vamanan is a character who is small in nature but has done some mighty deeds. Taking a cue from this, debutant director Anand has cast young actor Jai in his thriller film about a young man who faces several problems, but manages to comes out on the top at the end.

The film starts with the shooting of a commercial where Vinodh is the cameraman and top model Pooja (Lakshmi Rai) poses for him. A remote operated camera placed in a small helicopter captures the entire shoot. Then at one point time, the helicopter loses control and gets stuck in a tree in a neighboring farm house. Then whole crew sets out in search of the small helicopter and finally they locates it.

Even when the helicopter was struck the camera which was attached to it was recording. After when the helicopter was removed and they saw the video what the camera recorded and were totally shocked to see the footage of a state minister’s murder(Delhi Ganesh) by another minister Anbu Chezhian (Sampath).

Mean while, Anand (Jai) who aspires to become an actor comes to the city from his village and stays with his childhood friend (Santhanam), who work as a cameraman with a famous TV channel. Anand’s efforts to enter tinsel town prove futile, and he meets Divya (debutant Priya) in a railway station and falls in love with her. One day, Anand meets John (Rahman) at the station and is impressed by the way John catches a chain snatcher and sooner they become friends. He also meets Pooja and becomes friend with her in the hope of getting a break in films.

Later it’s revealed that minister Anbu has a close connection with the Commissioner of Police, Kailasam (Thalaivasal Vijay) and then find that Vinodh has the tape. Then Anbu and Kailasam’s men kill Vinodh, but fail to find the tape. They then turn to Pooja, who is eventually killed and the blame falls on Anand, who has been betrayed by John. After a series of chase scenes to find the tape, Anand finally manages to locate it. How he hands over the tape to the former CoP (producer Ravendran in a cameo) forms the rest of the movie.

Vamanan is Jai’s first movie as a solo hero, after his roles in Chennai-28 and Subramaniyapuram. Though he manages to impress with his natural expressions, his conscious effort to imitate mass heroes like Vijay and Simbhu is easilyunderstood and with her girl-next-door looks, Priya is just above adequate. Santhanam’s comedy is superb.
The movie’s highpoint is Aravindh Krishna’s cinematography, which captures Chennai in fresh and different tones. Yuvan Shankar Raja’s songs are very mediocre.
The major drawback is that the screenplay lacks the punch of a thriller. However, the last half-an-hour of the film, leading up to the climax has been well executed.


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