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In The Room with New Facebook App.

InTheRooms The very famous online community which helps people to get recovered from anything from drugs to gambling and many others. People who are in the community are benefited in all the ways from getting recovered from what they wanted to and also making new friends who share same thoughts and their experience more over this community works as a team which kinds gives moral supports every team member.

In The Rooms has been successful in recovering people all the time and in every means, this time they have come up with new idea called InTheRooms Facebook App which is an application in the Facebook (Social Network). There people who are located in remote location and find it difficult to join these community for people like them In The Rooms has created this application "In The Rooms Facebook App" which helps them to attain recovery through online. The idea of bring the community online is very good thing because there are many people who are working and don't find time to attend community meetings for them this is very helpful, they can access this In The Rooms Facebook App from anywhere from office or from home or even while traveling also. This would help to grow the community bigger and bigger.



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